Muffler Man: Mohawk Motors Indian of Shirley, Ma.

A few weekends ago I took a ride with some friends who wanted to stop in to the open house at MotoMarket in Acton, Ma. Since I had no interest in buying anything I let the guys know I would be excusing myself for about a half an hour while they ate lunch.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m just going to check something out.”

“It’s a muffler man, isn’t it?”

They know me too well 🙂

Shirley Massachusetts Muffler Man Indian

This big guy stands outside of a used car dealer, waving to the traffic that goes by.

Upon closer inspection he too needs a fresh coat of paint. The poor fella is has a serious case of the peels. And something isn’t quite right with that raised arm. And… well.. there’s this:

Shirley Massachusetts Muffler Man Indian

 ::tsk:tsk:: Poor guy. It looks like he’s wincing.

See in Street View

Interested in finding Muffler Men out there on the road? Check out Roadside America.

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