Riverhead Muffler Man Indian – Downed by Hurricane Sandy

The Riverhead Muffler Man Indian whose name I’ve just discovered is “Chief Running Fair,” was downed by the winds of Superstorm Sandy.

When I saw photos of the poor guy, torn in half at the waist shortly after the storm subsided he looked like he was reaching for a lifeline from next to his own still-standing legs. “I’m hit!”

My heart broke a little.

Riverhead Mufflerman Indian on Patch.com

Photo from patch.com

This weekend while we were bumbling around in the Ural, we made a pit stop to see him for ourselves. All that was left when we pulled up was his peeling pants. Insert huge frowny face here.

Riverhead Muffler Man Pants

But… as I looked around, I noticed a few feet of his arm sticking out above a fence inside the grounds of the Raceway. It was kind of like he was waving to me saying, ‘I’m over here. I’ll be okay!” And I sure hope he will be. According to a Riverhead Patch article, the owners of the Raceway do intend to restore him. 

Hang in there, big guy!

The mighty Indian just a week before Sandy brought her havoc to our area:

Riverhead Muffler Man Indian in better times


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8 Responses

  1. Trobairitz says:

    Nooooo, poor muffler man.

    I am glad that the raceway is stating they will be repairing/restoring him.

  2. Gunnar says:

    We paid him a visit last spring. What’s happened to him is tragic and “how”.

  3. charlie6 says:

    not related to your posting, just spreading the word re this survey:



  4. charlie6 says:

    you ought to enter him, and the pic of your rig with him, on the website: http://www.roadsideamerica.com they’ve a section for folks to enter the road side attractions they find while riding about America.


  5. Pull yourself together man!

  6. Adrian says:

    This must have been really traumatic for you lol

    Sometimes you gotta hit rock bottom before you can build yourself back up! Maybe the spill was self inflicted. A cry for attention yelling “hey! don’t forget me! my pants are peeling! i’m over here!”

    After all, the squeaky chain gets the lube, right?

  7. How is Chief Running Fair doing these days? 🙂

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