Offbeat Road Trip Destinations – My Published Tips

Offbeat Road Trip Destinations – My Published Tips

It’s no secret that the love of offbeat, unusual and downright silly roadside architecture and objects is something that oftentimes motivates me to hop on the motorcycle to go and have a look-see. Over the years I have made it a habit to first consult the online bible of Offbeat Tourist Attractions, to see what I can squeeze in along my route. Serendipity only comes around once in a while so a girl has to have a plan!

As a result of visiting and photographing some of these attractions, I have submitted tips and or photos to the RA website and I have been lucky enough to have some of them posted. Photos or tips on the links below with Rachael or Fuzzygalore on ’em, that’s me!

Top Dog Hotdog Trailer - Portland Connecticut - - Girlie Motorcycle Blog Partridge Family Bus - - Girlie Motorcycle Blog Muffler Man! - Girlie Motorcycle Blog
Muffler Man Lake George Bunyan Worlds Fair Around the World Golf Giant Hotdog Medford First National Franks Muffler Man Washington Georgia
Muffler Man Sopranos New Jersey Wilsons House of Carpet Muffler Man Bunyan Elmsford NY BP Muffler Man Connecticut House of Doors Cheshire
Muffler Man Pants Jersey City Wilsons Carpet Muffler Man Boy Scout Bunyan Stony Point NY Giant Margarita Ocean City Maryland

My published tips and or photos! *Updated


Since I have accumulated a whole slew of photos of great vintage signs, fiberglass people, animals, food and of course the beloved Muffler Man I have created a photoblog to host them. If you’re a lover of roadside goodies stop by to have a peek.

Do you have a favorite Roadside Attraction?

Let’s hear about it. Drop a comment below!

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  1. I love that muffler man. I grew up around there and remember it scaring me whenever we past it. It’s been different colors throughout the years. Oh memories.

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