ROADSIDE KITSCH: Muffler Man – West Virginia

ROADSIDE KITSCH: Muffler Man – West Virginia

Out in the wilds of Unger, WV stands a man. A Muffler Man. I finally had my opportunity to visit the Farnham Collossi on the way down to West Virginia this past weekend. He is indeed a perfect specimen. Not to be missed if you’re in the area.

4 Replies to “ROADSIDE KITSCH: Muffler Man – West Virginia”

  1. Hey, what happened to the very cool Speed Triple? You aren’t going back to the Dark Side (Italian) again I hope.

  2. Hiya Steve – Never fear, that cool speed triple is just parked on the other wise of the road o) I’m still on the darkside however. My 996 makes an appearance once in a while when I’m feeling masochistic :o]

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