Wednesday Wanderings

Wednesday Wanderings

Sometimes when you’re in the clutches of that mental state that lives in the fog between sleep and wakefulness, anything seems reasonable.

I’m finishing up my month long break in between my old shitty job and my new fabulous one, so I’ll just roll with the punches and see where life takes me. Like… oh, I don’t know… riding around in circles looking at fiberglass legs.

Whatever. I’m just going with it.

Cheshire Connecticut Muffler Man Legs
Cheshire, Ct.

Top Dog Lunch Wagon Portland Connecticut
Portland, Ct.

Norwich Connecticut Muffler Man
The mighty Muffler Man of Norwich, Ct.

Ledge Lighthouse
New London, Ct – Ledge Lighthouse

I hopped on the New London-Orient Point ferry to head back to the Island. I had no idea I was so sleepy. As soon as we got underway, I snapped a quick pic of the Ledge Lighthouse and then laid down on one of the outside benches that run along the length of the ferry. The next thing I knew, I open my eyes and looked over the railing to see the Plum Island Lighthouse. I had just dropped right out into a deep sleep for an hour of the hour and twenty ride.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I fell asleep on the sidewalk next to a gas station once. And at various picnic tables, parks…etc. ::shrug:: One day in my slumber, I’ll just be randomly carted off with the trash and no one will hear from me again.

Plum Island Lighthouse

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  1. Hmm,

    Rumor had it the Ledge Lighthouse was haunted for a time in the early 90’s. Locals on the Groton side heard the most evil racket on foggy, moonless nights.

    New Londoners, being that much closer to the source, recognized it as just some clown on an open-piped ZXR racing up and down the shoreline!

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