Roadside Giant: The Muffler Man of Groveland, Massachusetts

Roadside Giant: The Muffler Man of Groveland, Massachusetts

While I was in the neighborhood during my super-donut-extravaganza, I decided to swing by the town of Groveland to visit with the local muffler man. Incidentally – his name?  Yvon. (Formerly)

muffler man groveland massachusetts

With decades of standing outside and leering under their belts, weather-beaten muffler men have been altered, they peel and need repainting and repair. And as such, each one has different characteristics that make him special.

muffler man groveland mass

Aside from being vertically challenged, (formerly) Yvon looks like a zombie-eyed Billy Mays. His axe – lost to time? Or buried in the unsuspecting skull of a roadside drifter? His eyes… blank white canvases capable of stealing kitten souls with a mere glance.

I visited the zombie muffler man of Groveland and lived to tell the tale.

groveland massachusetts muffler man

4 Replies to “Roadside Giant: The Muffler Man of Groveland, Massachusetts”

  1. Excellently creepy muffler man! He looks like he’s beckoning you closer, so he can do something unspeakable…

    But hey, maybe he’s actually got candy.

    (CAPTCHA: escarbuncle. Sounds like a snail malady…)

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