Mission: Lake Vanare, New York Muffler Man

Mission: Lake Vanare, New York Muffler Man

Since I feel like I need to work on my sit-still stamina a bit, riding over 250 miles to see a refurbished Muffler Man seemed like as good a reason to get out of bed as any on Sunday.

That would also guarantee me a 500 mile day. A “Tin Butt” as it were. Granted I can do a 500 mile day, no sweat. So, I’m not really sure what sort of stamina I would be building? But it seems like a good excuse that I can use from now until Void-time to get out for a day ride. It’s like… exercising, or something.

The Swiss Trail/Adirondack Memroies Campground Muffler Man had really taken a beating over the years, lost his head and was in abysmal shape. You can read all about his plight of Roadside America.

Just recently, he reappeared!

Adirondack Memories Muffler Man Lake Vanare

They’ve done a really good job of spiffing him up.

No, he isn’t perfect with his missing arm, but if you don’t ask him to hi-five you while he’s carrying something you’d never know the difference.

Lake Vanare Muffler Man

Welcome back, big guy. I saved a space for you in my Muffler Man gallery.

Random: Foursquare should have a roadside attraction category.

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4 Replies to “Mission: Lake Vanare, New York Muffler Man”

    1. OMG – Richard, you’re a GENIUS!

      I think i’ll go create a location for Long Island’s Muffler Man Indian (if there isn’t already) and work on becoming the mayor of it. It would be the greatest day of my life. Since the last time I said that.

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