Muffler Man – The Greensburg, Pennsylvania Glow Up!

The first time I visited the Greensburg, Pennsylvania muffler man, it was a cold winters day in 2009. Objectively, he was looking a bit worse for wear. The most noticeable flaw being, that he was, well, headless.

greensburg, pennsylvania muffler man dressed as a pittsburg steeler and missing his head in 2009
muffler man in greensburg pennsylvania in 2009 - missing his head

At the time, he was sporting black and yellow Pittsburgh Steelers colors and a shirt with a big white number eight emblazoned across the front. Even back then you could see that at one time his shirt number was 87. I wonder if he was always a Steeler while sporting a number.

Fast forward to another cold winters day, this time in 2024. The once headless muffler man now gazes out at passers by with his dreamy blue eyes from beneath a Bunyan cap. Though his body and connection points could still use a little help with their visible cracks, overall he is looking good. What a terrific glow up for this old guy!

greensburg, pennsylvania muffler man looking great after being repainted and repaired - january 2024
greensburg, pennsylvania muffler man with his head reattached and repainted - january 2024
greensburg, pennsylvania muffler man hand and visible crack in arm near shoulder - january 2024


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  1. Chris says:

    Cool!! Glad he found his head!

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