Hello, Handsome! Hayward, California Muffler Man

Hello, Handsome! Hayward, California Muffler Man

You didn’t think we were going to go all the way to California and not stop and say ‘hello’ to some of the neighborhood Muffler Men, did you?

Hayward California Muffler Man

This guy was standing outside of a now belly-up business called Tyre Treds. Seeing the building vacant made me a little nervous that this Muff could go missing. I hope that whomever takes over the space appreciates the big guy and spiffs him up with a fresh coat of paint and patches the hole in his jeans.

With time marching on, Muffler Men often get updated and personalized. They sometimes get new accessories, new shirts, and hats and apparently colored contact lenses.

This big fella has pretty green eyes. And one… well…, let’s just say it’s on the lazy side. We kinda had that awkward moment where I wasn’t sure which eye to look in to while we were talking. You know what I’m sayin’, right?

Green Eyed Muffler Man Hayward California

But I love him, wonky eye and all.

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