Shake the Dust Off

Shake the Dust Off

Saturday I had a whole day all to myself. No place to go, no place to be, just me the sunshine and a the desire to kick this spring fever to the curb once and for all.

I left my house around 7 am, heading for points north. Before I left I kissed my still sleeping honey goodbye. He sort of opened his tired eyes and said to me, ‘why do you look so bundled up, its supposed to be nice today.’ As I rolled along the Expressway to get off this Island, it was about 39 degrees.

I can’t believe I’ve ridden for so long with no electrics. I used to say, ‘bah, I don’t need electrics.’ As it turns out… I was wrong. There is a string of ex-boyfriends who probably just got a strange, tingling sensation throughout their bodies as I typed that.

Somewhere near Albany, NY

I have an affinity for kitsch. This ride allowed me to visit, not 1… but TWO Roadside America Attractions in one fell swoop.

Behold….The Hancock, Massachusetts Muffler Man.
Muffler Man Linky

I continued on to North Adams, to ride the Mohawk Trail. I’ve only ridden it twice before, the last time unfortunately it was in pouring rain. I had the roads to myself all day. It was pretty amazing.

The obligatory shot of the ‘World Famous Hairpin Turn’
My camera has a stitch feature, but damned if I know how to turn that on, so you get what you get
(click for a larger view)

Still lots of snow and ice around upper NY state and Mass.
This was my turnaround spot. Time to head back to the Isle of Long.

I wave to the Big Indian and set a course for home…

I arrived back home around 6:30 pm, feeling pretty tired from the wind and the cold. That being said, it just felt so good to be able to get out, shake the dust off and put some miles on.

6 Replies to “Shake the Dust Off”

  1. Hey Fuz

    I love that area of the Mohawk trail! Great places to explore. Did you happen to ride back via the Quabbin Reservoir area? If not, the next time you up this way, check out the Quabbin area. Rts2 to 202, to 9, to 32A. GREAT area and one of my favorite central Massachusetts loops. Ride on!- Crusty aka

  2. Hi There, Crusty! :o)
    I have not tried those routes. I have a “stock” route that i’ve used to run up and down to Vermont but really haven’t ever gone out to explore Mass. on my own. I’ll be only TOO happy to try out your suggestions. Thanks for sending ’em my way. Hope the sun is warm & shining for you. Take Care!

  3. LOL – Thats really sweet, Steve. You made me smile :oD I’ll try harder to get out and ride more, twist my arm o) Never enough time to do everything you WANT to do, but strangely always enough time to work, isn’t there? :oP

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