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Rambling Into the Double Deuce

Rambling Into the Double Deuce

Lovely painting spotted in Honesdale, Pennsylvainia – July ’21

Today is the first day of 2022. It’s been about 3 weeks now that I’ve been ruminating on writing a blog post only to be thwarted by my own numbed-out apathy. If there were an award for ignoring that little inspirational spark that tries to light, I’d have that one in the bag. Hell, I might even be able to teach a master class in avoidance and procrastination, if, you know… I could find the desire.

Anhedonia, party of one.

I did make some progress on the attempting to write something down front a few days ago, though! Go me, I plugged in my MacBook and charged it for the first time in months. However, I never actually cracked open the lid to do anything with it. This whizz-bang, swanky new computer that my family gave me for Christmas last year is lovely. In fact, it is the very same one that brought a tear to my eye because I was so surprised by it when I unwrapped it. And, also the very same one that were I to sell it as a used car might be described as “adult-owned, with low mileage.”

I am a slug.

In previous incarnations of myself, a few fleeting milliseconds of inspiration could usually be enough to carry me through to maaaaaybe writing something. Not in ’21, honey. I just fell short. In every way. I wrote nothing. I took few pictures. I shared nothing. I talked to no one.

At the stroke of midnight welcoming in 2021, it would have been hard to imagine that the year to come wouldn’t be better than the one that preceded it. I believed that things would improve. I really did. But as we know, kids, we have no control over anything but ourselves. And what didn’t improve, was me.

Many people suffered through their own illness or that of their loved ones. Thankfully, my immediate family didn’t get sick. Others felt the pain of trying to navigate through loss of work, issues with child and elder care. Thankfully, we didn’t. On paper, I can tally up the marks in my Wins and Losses columns and unequivocally say that I came out a winner. And yet, I spent most of my year in a state of burnout.

Most of my mental exhaustion was the direct result of my work life. I’ve made some changes to try rectify that but my 2021 work year can still eat a bag of dicks and wash it down with a nice folding chair to the face. My job and the way I was committed to doing it, completely drained my battery. 

Once I’d leave work for the day, all of the air was let out of my balloon. Talking to people, going to the store, cleaning, recreating, making a phone call – they all became like my Mount Everest. 

When goodhearted, well-intentioned people would email, text or message asking how I was doing – even being able to formulate a courteous reply like a normal human being went by the wayside. And the more people tried to reach out to me, the less and less I wanted to talk to them. It made my skin crawl to have another person communicating with me – even if it was personal and out of an abundance of care. See: “I gave at the office.”

Sometimes loving someone means leaving them alone but that seems to be the hardest trick to learn. We don’t often see this as an appropriate response – it’s typically seen as a signal of not caring.

In the moments when I willfully chose not to communicate, I did so on behalf of my own wellbeing. It’s nearly impossible for the person on the receiving end of the withdrawal to understand this. In the end, when you close off to people, the why doesn’t seem to be quite so important, they only feel the end result. Yes, I’ve burned some bridges. They were the choices I was capable of making at the time. While I am sorry if people felt discarded, I needed to do it. And so I try to make peace with that.

It is strange to me that ’21 is my year that wasn’t, moreso than ’20. Life is nothing if not mysterious.

Here now on this first day of the double deuce, I’ve been contemplating what part of myself I ghosted last year. What did I lose or quiet in order to survive? And it struck me that I have forgotten how to see beautiful things. I don’t remember what it feels like to follow a whim just because. My fancy hasn’t been tickled in quite some time. I’ve poured all of my secret fun-time sauce into surviving and left nothing to slather on the bread of my happiness sandwich. No glitter. No silly. No fun for fun’s sake. Just existing. When did I become so afraid of being my authentic self even when no one else is looking?

What. The. Fuck. WHATTHEFUCK!?

What the hell kind of life is that?

At the risk of making any promises or plans that will inevitably set me up for failure with regimentation, my only goal for this new year is to try to remember that life is indeed full of weird, wonderful, beautiful things and experiences. And when I fail, to try to remember that if I want to, I can try again. I don’t need to explain my actions or inactions to anyone. The only thing that I owe is to myself ~ a shot at feeling happy.

Welcome to the New Year. I hope it’s a good one.

Welcome to… Area 66?

Welcome to… Area 66?

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona

Zipping along on I-40 East, I saw the white geodesic ball of Area 66 come into view. “What the…?” escaped my lips as it drew closer.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction Sign - Yucca, Arizona

There was nothing that would have stopped me from exiting the highway to get a look at this nonsense. Besides, my fingers were frozen in my leather gloves in the chilly January air. The temperature hovered in the low 40’s that morning. Warming them up was the perfect excuse for a stop.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona - Geodesic Ball

It was still early in the morning when I pulled in. The UFO museum inside was not yet open. But I did get to walk around and take in this curious sight.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona

As I walked around the lot, I wasn’t sure that even if the museum were open that I’d have payed to take a look. But, I love that such places still manage to pull in enough curious customers to exist.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona - UFO Museum Sign

Between you and me, UFO-stuff freaks me out. I think if I ever saw a flying saucer or an alien, I would just die immediately.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona - Ford Arizona Proving Ground Sign

One interesting point of note is the Ford Arizona Proving Ground sign at the entrance to Area 66. You can see on Google Maps satellite view that the proving grounds, which now belong to Chrysler, are still an active site. I wonder if Area 66 was once the entrance or if these folks just picked up the sign when Ford moved along? Or… maybe it was aliens.

Area 66
12716 Alamo Road
Yucca, AZ 86438

The 200-Mile Hot Dog and Other Mental Afflictions

The 200-Mile Hot Dog and Other Mental Afflictions

One of the things I contemplate often, especially recently, is the reasons why I commit myself to ride or drive around looking at…stuff. What’s the actual point? Why do I mark a place on a map hundreds of miles away to go and look at a sign, or a statue, or eat a donut?

Is the hot dog that is 200 miles away from home really any more tasty than the one in town, or heaven forbid, the one I could make at home? The answer is of course, yes. And, no.

File Under: It’s Not the Destination it’s the Journey

You can argue, and sometimes I do, that it is the actual journey that makes that 200-mile hot dog delicious. It is the life that is experienced in the space between your front door and the mustard that really matters. I mean, what else is there if not life experiences?

The sheer number of thoughts and ideas that are sparked by a 200-mile ride are myriad! Maybe it is on that ride that you will witness the most memorable sunrise of your life, or find the thread to finally begin writing your book, or snap your greatest photograph.

Holydog hot dogs in middletown new york - outside of building

Cue deranged thoughts: If I don’t go I’ll never have another unique experience, an inspired thought, and all of my chances with the universe will dry up because I was presented with an opportunity and I’ll be punished because I didn’t take it!

Or maybe I’ll just be going through the motions and see nothing interesting at all and will be bored and kick myself because I could be comfortably sitting in my favorite chair watching Jersey Shore reruns instead of sitting in traffic.

The Curse of Magical Thinking

It is this type of magical thinking that when taken to the extreme, has pressured me with irrational feelings of FOMO. If I don’t go, I could be missing out on “x.” This fear of missing out has a steep downside that doesn’t typically get framed as such. For the most part it is observed positively with only the highlight reel in focus. What could possibly be bad about having travelled thousands of miles looking at cool stuff?!

But when gritty reality comes knocking we learn that nothing comes without a cost, the value of which only has meaning to the person who has to empty their pockets to pay it.

For me, this constant motion kept me avoidant and unable to relax. There is an all consuming ripple effect and human toll to that.

Holydog hot dogs in middletown new york - inside grill

When used for good my obsessive personality has generally served me well. It’s been the butt of jokes, “ahahaha, you’re totally obsessed with…,” that even I chuckled at prior to understanding myself better. And it’s made me strive for things and helped me to achieve personal goals.

On the flip side, when my obsessions are self-destructive they implode my life. I think riding motorcycles and traveling have long served as a bandage to stop my internal bleeding. While I kept my eyes trained on consuming “positive” experiences it has been easy to ignore unhandled traumas.

Unfortunately one of the funny things about suppressed feelings that need attention is how patient they are. They don’t go away. They wait.

eating Holydog hot dogs in the car in middletown new york

For years I’ve wondered whether my love of riding motorcycles is equally as rooted in escapism as it is in the actual act of riding. Perhaps the motorcycle really is the perfect vehicle for someone like me because it caters to those of us who dwell in avoidant behaviors. It’s just you in your helmet at the controls – an autonomous being.

In its most natural application, you don’t glance over and chitchat with someone sitting beside you or sip a soda as you cruise along on your motorcycle. It’s just the solitary act of doing this activity which requires you being fully present.

“You’re like a shark, if you don’t keep moving you’ll die.” This sentence uttered about me has been firmly lodged in my brain for years. It ping-pongs around in my thoughts lately because it is in stark contrast to my current reality.

My pendulum swings wide never comfortably settling in the middle. Where the weight had been stuck firmly for years on the keep moving side, things have dramatically changed.

holydog hotdog - danish dog - remoulade, mustard, pickles, ketchup,

I go through periods of wanting to go, go, go which are then offset by episodes of paranoid isolating and not leaving the house for long stretches of time. And when I’m in at-home mode, I simultaneously feel safe and that it’s what I need to be doing – and a burning self-hatred because there is a muffled voice inside of me that wants to send me screaming from the front door to just be out… there.

Needing to feel grounded, to be home, to be what I see as the opposite of curious, shines a light on what I’ve decided is my emotional weakness. Coming to terms with that weakness burns.

In some ways it is like I am at odds with the person I’d set myself up to be and existed as for decades, and the person I actually am. My reality has fallen short of my expectations. That is the earmark of failure, isn’t it?

However, when it comes to my thoughts about other people who might be going through a similar experience, I wouldn’t think of them as failures at all. I’d think they just want a different path than they’d originally thought. The measuring stick which I use for myself and the one I use for others is very different.

Maybe I should head out across 3 states for a donut and consider the matter some more.

Mail Pouch Barn at Cantagree Farm – Stanfordville, New York

Mail Pouch Barn at Cantagree Farm – Stanfordville, New York

Any road trip that includes a pitstop at a Mail Pouch Barn is a good day.

mail pouch tobacco barn duchess county new york yamaha fz07 motorcycles

One of the “local” areas that I love riding my motorcycle is Duchess County, New York. Granted from where I live on Long Island, it takes a couple hours to get to get there but a good chunk of the gettin’ there is a big part of the fun.

Much of Duchess has my favorite type of riding – rambling roads that line horse and other farms, big green rolling hills, small towny towns and less traffic than some of the neighboring counties.

mail pouch tobacco barn duchess county new york

In addition to great riding, there are some roadside sights that I love in the county. Just up the road from Wing’s Castle is one of the southern portion of New York State’s few Mail Pouch Tobacco barns. You’ll find it on Duell Road in Stanfordville.

mail pouch tobacco wall ad beacon new york
Mail Pouch Tobacco Wall Mural – Beacon, Duchess County, New York

Though the western tier and the most northern portions of the state do have a good handful of Mail Pouch Tobacco barns, they are hard to come by in this neck of the woods. What we’ll find here downstate more often are city-based mural ads on brick buildings.

Mail Pouch Barn Relocated

A quick search around the web turned up a great blog post from Chuck the Writer with information about how this barn was actually relocated to the wonderfully named Cantagree Farm from Spring Green, Pennsylvania by former co-publisher of the Daily New and U.S News and World Report Fred Drasner. In 2003, the renovated farmhouse on the property was featured in Architectural Digest.

mail pouch tobacco barn duchess county new york - duell rd - c5 corvette

It makes me so happy when I am able to find information online about such sights. I hope that other curious bloggers continue to research and share their findings. Documenting the world around us is important. Keep exploring, keep sharing, and thank you!

To All the Muffler Men I’ve Loved Before

To All the Muffler Men I’ve Loved Before

Muffler Men are the handsome superstars of the American roadside attraction universe. With their chiseled good looks and steadfast perseverance they are a welcome sight to many a roadtripper.

When traveling around the US, visiting muffler men is one of my go-to sightseeing stops. The fiberglass giants always put a smile on my face.

Seaside Height, NJ – Mini Golf Halfwit

My awareness of and interest in muffler men is now spanning into plural decades. It started with an “oh, so that’s what they’re called!” after thumbing through a paperback copy of New Roadside America: The Modern Traveler’s Guide to the Wild and Wonderful World of America’s Tourist Attractions in the early aughts. It then spilled into tracking and visiting them via the Roadside America website, and iPhone app.

But before I knew that muffler men were indeed referred to as muffler men, I knew that they existed in a peripheral sense. You see, we have a muffler man Indian here on Long Island. I’d passed the Elmsford, NY Bunyan many times and mini-golfed with a halfwit in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Muffler men have long been a part of my universe. They were simply waiting for me to wake up to them.

Muffler Men – The Same But Different

Now, I’m sharp enough to know that some people think my level of interest and muffler man visitation is a waste of energy. The idea of traveling around and looking at big dumb fiberglass statues that “look the same” as all the other big dumb fiberglass statues I’ve seen before is ridiculous. But who needs that kind of negativity in their lives?

Yes, it’s true that they share the same basic DNA. And yet, these same-old-same-olds do have their own personalities, if you will. Each with little details that set them apart from one another that the uninformed might not be aware of. From accessories like hats, hamburgers, eyelashes and chest hair, the giants do have their own unique flair.

Wilmington, Illinois – Route 66 – Gemini Giant

It has also occurred to me that each one is infused with the flavor of their locale. They take on the vibe of their surroundings as they become infused with the landscape, neighborhood, or the personality of the owner.

You hear it all the time, “people are the same everywhere.” Hell, I’ve said it myself and meant it. But that sentiment is both true and false depending on the parameters and nuance you wrap around it. The same is true for big fiberglass people. They’re all the same, but different.

oaks pennsylviania halfwit muffler man and giraffe 2021
Halfwit and Giraffe – Oaks, Pennsylvania – 2021

Take a moment to consider the thought process of the person charged with repainting the Uniontown, Pa. muffler man. They looked at his face, squinted their eyes and said “something is missing…”

A few thousand bush strokes later, and with a triumphant voila! our boy was befitted with bedroom eyes.

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

And then someone somewhere else looked at the Lake George, NY Around the World mini-golf muffler man and said, “Yeah! Him, too! …but only on the right eye.”

Lake George, NY Mini Golf Muffler Man

Tales of Muffler Men Resurrection

When cruising around if I know a muffler man is close by, even if I’ve previously visited, I will typically stop to see what’s doing.

Over time the overall condition of the giants will change due to wind, sun, storms,… people hitting them with their cars. When you pull up to find one repaired or in better condition then when you last saw it, I’m not gonna lie – it’s kind of exciting. It’s heartwarming when someone loves what you love.

Hancock, Massachusetts

Hancock, Ma.

Having passed by the Hancock, Massachusetts giant a few times over the years, I got to witness his resurrection. He’d been suffering from a terrible case of the peels and it was great to see him freshly painted again.

Check out his blue bowtie – now red, nails on fleek, and sporting a fresh baseball cap.

Hancock, Ma.

Just look at those beautifully manicured nails!

hancock Massachusetts muffler man nails
Hancock, Ma.

Elmsford, New York

Another case of a giant who needed some TLC was the Elmsford, New York Bunyan. He stood armless for years. This spring (2021) when I stopped by, I was glad to see he’s got at least one ticket to the gun show again.

elmsford new york bp bunyan muffler man no arms - triumph speed triple motorcycle
Elmsford, NY

Sadly, the green-eyed giant is now starting to peel.

elmsford new york bunyan muffler man 2021
Elmsford, NY – 2021

Cheshire, Connecticut

The first time that I pulled up to the House of Doors in Cheshire, Connecticut years ago I was surprised to find nothing more than a pair of muffler pants. Doh!

cheshire connecticut muffler man pants - triumph speed triple
Cheshire, CT

Saved! The muff was returned to flag holding service!

Cheshire, CT

Riverhead, New York

When superstorm Sandy crushed the east coast, Long Island’s Muffler Man Indian, also featured on the Sopranos, was sheered across the middle.

Riverhead, NY- Following Superstorm Sandy

He too was little more than a pair of muffler pants for a while.

Thankfully, Long Island’s beloved giant was repaired and is back to waving at the traffic in the town of Riverhead, NY.

Riverhead, NY

Muffler Men on the Move

As well-loved as muffler men are, it isn’t surprising that enthusiasts and collectors buy and move the giants from their long-term locations to new locales. Sometimes they move clear across the country.

And then sometimes, they just up and disappear altogether.

The Big White Guy of Massachusetts

Big White Guy – Chicopee, MA

This fella, previously referred to colloquially as “Plantation Man” as he stood outside of the Plantation Inn in Chicopee, Massachusetts – was sold at auction and then turned up in nearby Agawam, Mass. He stood there for a short time and is now MIA.

Big White Guy – Agawam, Ma.

From Mecca to Joshua Tree, California

Mecca, California

In 2016, I visited a muffler man who stood in the town of Mecca, California along the Salton Sea.

Fast forward to January 2020, and I visited that same muffler man, now sporting a new paint job and name. Meet Big Josh, of Joshua Tree, California.

Big Josh – Joshua Tree, California – 2020

AWOL – Desert Storm Muffler Man

I stopped to visit the Desert Storm muffler man in Havre de Grace, Maryland several times. As of 2015, he was taken down and moved to storage. Who knows where and when we’ll see him again?

Desert Storm Muffler Man – Havre de Grace, Maryland

Big Mike – Hayward, California Muffler Man

In 2014, we visited Big Mike in Hayward, California. He stood outside of a business that was boarded up. That’s typically a sign of uncertainty for the giants.

Hayward, California

Thankfully Big Mike was purchased and moved across town to Bell Plastics to keep a host of other giants company. He was even thrown a 50th birthday party!

Bell Plastics – Big Mike and friend – Hayward, California

Uniroyal Gal – The Ladies of the Muffler Man World

Rare in the muffler man world, there are only about a dozen known Uniroyal Gals in the wild. Seeing one is a treat for any muffler man lover.

The Uniroyal Gal of Pearsonville, California – Hubcap Capital of the World

Uniroyal Gal – Pearsonville, California – 2016

Nitro Girl – Uniroyal Gal Superhero

New Jersey is home to Nitro Girl, arguably the most badass of all the Uniroyal Gals. She’s my favorite of all the girls.

Nitro Girl – Blackwood, NJ

During my last stop to visit her, I was able to purchase a Nitro Girl bobblehead which stands proudly on my desk at work

Muffler Men - Nitro Girl bobblehead
Nitro Girl Bobblehead

Muffler Men Photos

If you too love muffler men keep scrolling for more photos of the big guys I’ve seen in my travels. Buckle up, there’s a lot to look at!


Say, hello to Stan from Birmingham, Alabama. He’s a gemini and like lifting invisible weights. Hiiiii Stannnnn.

birmingham alabama - stan the muffler man
Birmingham, Alabama


cowboy muffler man happy camp california
Hat Creek, California
hayward california muffler man cowboy bell plastics
Hayward, California

I’ll be honest – there is something a bit creepy about the dead black-eyed stare and drawn on mustache of the Planada, Calfornia muffler man. It’s a wee bit, I dunno,… murdery? I believe this guy may have been sold or moved.

planada california muffler man
Planada, California
willits california muffler man cowboy
Willits, California
kevin van buys california muffler man
Kevin – Van Nuys, California
el salsero muffler man in mailbu california
El Salsero! – Malibu, California
babe - san jose california muffler man
Babe – San Jose, California
bakersfield california muffler man indian
Bakersfield, California

The house where the Mentone, California muffler man stands has a yard full of… stuff including a giant chicken army fiberglass rooster! It’s quite something.

mentone california muffler man bunyan
Mentone, California


cheshire connecticut house of doors bunyan muffler man - triumph bonneville motorcycle
Cheshire, Connecticut
norwich connecticut cowboy muffler man
Norwich, Connecticut


The Washington Georgia muffler man has a formidable set of nostrils.

washington georgia muffler man
Washington, Georgia


The Gemini Giant on Route 66 in Wilmington, Illinois was my holy grail of muffler men. My favorite of all. I love this guy!

gemini giant muffler man route 66 wilmington illinois
Gemini Giant – Route 66 – Wilmington, Illinois
lauterbach muffler man route 66 springfield illinois
Lauterbach Muffler Man – Route 66 – Springfield, Illinois

The shrimpy Harley-Davidson muffler man stands outside of the Pink Elephant Antique Mall which is chock full of interesting roadsidey goodness. Definitely worth a stop and a look-see.

harley-davidson muffler man livingston illinois
Livingston, Illinois
hot dog holding muffler man atlanta illinois route 66
Atlanta, Illinois -Route 66
surfer dude livingston illinois at pink elephant mall
Surfer Dude – Livingston, Illinois
big john metropolis Illinois
Big John – Metropolis, Illinois


rumford maine muffler man bunyan
Rumford, Maine


berlin maryland mark cline muffler man cowboy with ice cream
Berlin, Maryland
ocean city maryland pirate muffler man
Ocean City, Maryland
desert storm muffler man - havre de grave maryland
Havre de Grace, Maryland


big white guy muffler man agawam - texaco big friend - ktm 990 baja motorcycle
Big White Guy in Agawam, MA
shirely Massachusetts muffler man indian
Shirley, Massachusetts
yvon shrimpy muffler man groveland massachusetts
Yvon – Groveland, MA

New Jersey

halfwit in jackson new jersey
Jackson, New Jersey
ocean city new jersey pirate muffler man
Ocean City, NJ

You may recognize this muffler man from the opening credits of The Sopranos. He hangs out underneath the Pulaski Skyway.

sopranos muffler man - jersey city new jersey wilsons carpet
The Jersey City – Sopranos – Carpet Muffler Man
deerfield new jersey carpet store viking statue
Viking – Deerfield, NJ
mr bill - halfwit muffler man - winslow new jersey
Winslow, NJ
nitro girl uniroyal gal muffler man blackwood new jersey
Blackwood, New Jersey
magnolia new jersey muffler man
Magnolia, New Jersey
cowtown rodeo muffler man cowboy woodstown new jersey route 40
Cowtown Rodeo – Woodstown, NJ
seaside height new jersey halwit muffler man mini golf
Seaside Heights, New Jersey

New York

yasgurs farm hippie muffler man - bethel new york
Yasgur’s Farm – Bethel, NY – 2021
muffler man - around the work golf lake george new york
Lake George, New York
former magic forest muffler man - lake george new york
Lake George, New York – GONE
former magic forest muffler man - lake george new york
Lake George, NY – GONE
former magic forest muffler men - lake george new york
Lake George, NY – GONE
lake vanare new york one armed muffler man
Lake Vanare, NY
soda jerk mark cline muffler man derby new york
Derby, NY
former magic forest muffler man - lake george new york paul bunyan
Lake George, NY – GONE
irving new york muffler man indian
Irving, New York

This muffler man is in the town of Stony Point close to where I grew up. He’s a little sentimental for me because I actually took my dad to see him before he left this world.

stony point muffler man
Stony Point, New York

North Carolina

I believe that the Cherokee, North Carolina muffler man may be in storage.

former cherokee north carolina muffler man indian
Cherokee, North Carolina

I don’t know why but the face on this guy looked so amazed to me 🙂 And i love the sartorial choice of overalls!

raleigh north carolina muffler man
Raleigh, North Carolina

If he just isn’t the most friendly muffler man!

wilson north carolina white tire service muffler man
Wilson, North Carolina


uniontown pennsylvanie muffler man - one of the muffler men with eyelashes
Uniontown, Pennsylvania
kittanning pennsylvania muffler man holding a hamburger
Kittanning, Pennsylvania
greensburg Pennsylvania headless Pittsburg steelers muffler man
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
muffler men - big chip - coopersburg pennsylvania
Big Chip – Coopersburg, Pennsylvania – 2021

The Rockwood, Pennsylvania muffler man is only available for viewing when the campground is open. I had to check in at a booth and get a pass to enter the grounds. It’s worth it. He’s awesome!

muffler men royalty - red white and blue rockwood pennsylvania muffler man
Rockwood, PA


This burger-clutching muffler man stands on top of Pal’s Sudden Service in Kingsport, Tennessee.

pals sudden service kingsport tennessee muffler man holding a hamburger
Kingsport, Tennessee


A muffler man… with an actual muffler!

newport news virginia muffler man holding an actual muffler
Newport News, Virginia
roanoke virginia muffler man
Roanoke, Virginia

This kooky amalgamation is called The Paulverizer.

paulverizer muffler man in buena vista virginia - a mark cline creation
Paulverizer – Buena Vista, Virginia

West Virginia

farnham colossi muffler men group in unger west virginia
The Farnham Colossi – Unger, WV

Learn More About Muffler Men

Hope you enjoyed this trip down road trip muffler man memory lane. If you’re interested in finding out about the history of, the latest news, and location maps for muffler men, these sites are excellent resources for more information: