Muffler Man: Plantation Man from Chicopee, Mass.

Muffler Man: Plantation Man from Chicopee, Mass.

A few weeks back a commenter named Bill left me a note on my Muffler Man Photo Gallery asking where the big man from Chicopee, Massachusetts was.

Well, Bill – here he is:

Muffler Man Plantation Man Chicopee Mass

I snagged him a few weeks ago on what was probably the hottest day in the history of forever. I didn’t even get any ticks or spiders on me walking through the high grass trying to get a good look at him.

Muffler Man Chicopee Mass

You can find out more about the Big White Guy on Roadside America.

5 Replies to “Muffler Man: Plantation Man from Chicopee, Mass.”

  1. Holy cow! We’re used to seeing giant lumberjacks, etc, but never a guy in a suit! How weird. And, even stranger, he’s waving like the Queen of England.

    I love that you love weirdness. That bonds us. 🙂

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