What’s Your Take On This 3-Wheeled Scooter?

What’s Your Take On This 3-Wheeled Scooter?

Today at the office, the only other moto in the lot beside my own was this 3-wheeled scooter:

3-wheeled scooter

What’s your opinion on this 3 wheeled scooter? Cute, cool, non-committal, geeky – what do you think?

16 Replies to “What’s Your Take On This 3-Wheeled Scooter?”

  1. I’ve never seen one of those in my neck of the woods! Interesting. I picture a grey-haired older person who shuffles along when walking. Yikes! Hope I don’t offend anyone.

  2. I’m all for it. If there’s an increase in safety, and it attracts more people to getting out of their cages, I’m for it! I like the Piaggio MP3, but that scooter has its front two wheels closer together. I am also a big fan of Can-Am Spyders, too.

  3. My thought is, if you want three wheels, get a sidecar. At least then you can mount a super-soaker and cause a ruckus with a friend or two.

    But I’m probably not in the target market for that scooter.

    1. I feel like you should get a prize or something for that astute observation! ::rummages around in desk drawer:: Maybe he couldn’t figure out how to put the car scooter in park? 😉

  4. If it get you out and riding, I don’t really care what it is. Its the adventure of it. We’re all just cyclists anyway, whether it is on one, two, or three wheels. Just give a wave and keep it rubber side down.

  5. I’d be too embarassed to own it, but I would love to take that baby out for a spin…especially if I could dress up like Tina Turner in MAD MAX! (Wait, did I just age myself???)

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