10 Awesome Long Island Roadside Attractions

10 Awesome Long Island Roadside Attractions

Looking for a place to ride to on Long Island? Love roadside attractions? Well, then you’re in luck.

Long Island is home to an interesting collection of deliciously kitschy roadside awesomeness. Break out the map and string some these great destinations together on a route. Here are 10 of my favorite Long Island Roadside Attractions.

The Big Duck

The Big Duck - Flanders New York Long Island

Listed on the National Register of Historic places, the Big Duck of Flanders, NY is Long Island’s most recognizable roadside attraction. It was built in the early 1930’s as an attraction to sell Peking Ducks. Constructed with a frame made of wood, wire mesh was then attached and covered in cement. The Duck’s eyes are made from Ford Model-T taillights.

Riverhead Raceway Muffler Man Indian

Muffler Man Indian Riverhead Long Island Raceway

This handsome silent sentry stands on the grounds of the Riverhead Raceway. He is Long Island’s only Muffler Man. Many folks will recognize him from an episode of the Sopranos where Tony walks in front of him at the raceway.

Location: Riverhead Raceway – 1797 Old Country Road, Riverhead, NY

 Mr Millennium – The Giant Snowman

Hamptons Giant Snow Man Mr. Millenium

The smiling snowman is nearly 20 feet tall and stands outside of North Sea Auto Radiator on Sandy Hollow Rd. I don’t know why but I totally love his big mittens. They’re so cute! His plaque says he was made in the year 2000 and that his name is Mr. Millenium [sic].

Location: North Sea Auto Radiator-Towing – 25 Sandy Hollow Rd., Southampton, NY 11968

The Giant Rooftop Hotdog

First National Franks Giant Hotdog Medford Long Island NY

Located on top of First National Franks in Medford, the giant rooftop wiener is a winner! You can ride to eat and see something kitschy in one shot. What’s better than that?

Location: 3147 Route 112 Medford, NY, 11763

The Pirate House

No doubt the neighbors of the Pirate House in Miller Place must get fed up with the gawkers who stop by for a look.

“The Connor Belle”
The local story that I have heard about this house is that the owner built this temple of pirating for his daughter who has a brain injury. It came in the wake of seeing her happy reaction to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride during a trip to Disney World.  I cannot say if that is indeed true; it could just be an urban legend.

The house does have a notary public sign out front. Maybe you can get the scoop from the horses mouth while having a document notarized? Hmm…

Pirate House Miller Place Long Island Pirate House Miller Place Long Island Miller Place Pirate House Long Island Miller Place Pirate House Long Island

Casa Basso Restaurant

Casa Basso Westhampton Pirates

Nothing says delicious Italian food like a stucco castle with 2 Musketeers, a horse, a two-headed snake and a gold lion in the yard. From what I understand the food is actually quite good.  Go for the kitsch, stay for the pasta.

Location: 59 Montauk Highway Westhampton, NY 11977

Home Depot Cemetery

The Home Depot in Commack is now located on what was once a World War I air field called Brindley Field. Prior to that, it was a farm.  Today it has an interesting secret “hidden” in plain sight; the Burr Family cemetery plot. As people go shuffling by with their carts full hammers and nails, many do not even realize the tree-lined little square houses a handful of tombstones.

Location: Home Depot 5025 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY

Home Depot Cemetery Commack Long Island New York Home Depot Cemetery parking lot Commack Parking Lot Cemetery Home Depot Commack

Giant Bull of Calverton

Long Island Bull Statue Calverton

I found this guy by accident one day just cruising around. He stands inside the pen of a private farm. Between you and me, I like him so much more than the oft talked about Smithtown bull.
Location: Wading River Manor Rd. Calverton, NY

Atlantic Seafood

Atlantic Seafood Shark Door

The Shark Mouth door of the Atlantic Seafood restaurant always makes me smile when I ride by. It’s amazing how many locals don’t know the name of the place and just call it ‘the shark mouth.’ View on flickr
Location: 125 Main St Center Moriches, NY

The Cement Sphinx

Cement Sphinx Bayport Long Island New York

A Long Island landmark since 1911. “She who climbs the Sphinx’s head, a millionaire will surely wed.” Unfortunately ladies, the sphinx gives mixed messages with it’s ‘No Climbing’ sign. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Location: 890 Montauk Hwy, Bayport, NY

Nipper the Dog

Nipper Plessers Appliances Babylon
This 6ft tall fiberglass Nipper the dog stands at the front door of Plesser’s Appliances in the town of Babylon. He’s a town favorite!

Location: 6 E Main St Babylon, New York 11702

13 Replies to “10 Awesome Long Island Roadside Attractions”

    1. Yea, not too shabby for someone who lives on the other side of the universe! Can i come and see your local spots too? 😉

      DUC can also check the Pirate House off of his list. You know how much he enjoyed it 😆

      I have begun compiling a full listing of all of the Long Island roadside stuff that I know of. So far the list is pretty big! I need to finish it up and get it posted.

  1. How sad is it that I’m originally from Long Island and haven’t seen any of these yet?? I had planned to see the Duck a few weeks ago, but a crazy heat wave discouraged me from leaving the comfort of central air!

    1. Hi Traci 🙂
      You’re better off waiting until the Hamptons traffic subsides anyway. Then you can make a big loop back through the island and enjoy the roadside goodness!

      There is actually quite a bit of good stuff here. I need to finish compiling my list. So much to do, so little time…

  2. I was looking into putting something like this together, But I see you have already done a great job at it. I’m pretty sure we have spoken before and I hope to hear from you again.

    LJ James

    1. One of the ironies of being on long island is that your access to the water is somewhat restricted. You often have to be a stickered/permitted resident or have to pay to access it or park anywhere.

      Other than Ocean Parkway, which is pin straight with limited views of the ocean (you see more of the bay,) there really aren’t any long, enjoyable stretches of road near the water.

      There are little pockets here and there where you will enjoy some water views but they wouldn’t be worth traveling TO long island for. They’d be something of a stopgap measure while you’re already here.

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