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GoPro Outtakes: Assorted California Ride Photos

GoPro Outtakes: Assorted California Ride Photos

Over the last few days I’ve been cleaning stuff off of my MacBook. I have/had several folders worth of GoPro photo dumps that I never bothered to sift through and junk the chaff. Now, with gigs of space recovered, I’m left with a few outtakes.

California Outtakes

riding with cows on the sonora pass

That’s Ed drag racing some cows on the Sonora Pass. They were really hoofin’ it.

I’m here all week, folks!

fuzzygalore near sattly cash store and post office on 89This is me near the Sattley, Ca. Post Office. I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m doing with my hands. At least it wasn’t that weird pinky thing I do when taking photos.

winding road next 140 miles red bluff california

My GoPro snapped away as I stopped to take a picture of the winding road next 140 miles sign on CA 36 near Red Bluff. I’ve seen my actual photo around the internet quite a bit. I hate when it’s not credited back to my site, but thems the breaks here on the web.

bigfoot statue in happy camp ca
BIGFOOT! Visiting my dude in Happy Camp, Ca.

riding along under the big trees
I have no idea which grove of Redwoods these were. But, it doesn’t matter. I loved them all.

when in doubt pinky out
I stopped to take a picture of the Chloe street sign because that’s my daughter’s name. Wouldn’t you know it? Pinky out! 🙂

Things I Learned on my Alpine Riding Trip – Packing And Gear

Things I Learned on my Alpine Riding Trip – Packing And Gear


The Givi box liner worked out fantastically. Packing all of my clothing into gallon ziplock bags then packing them into the Bestem bag kept everything neat and tidy.

This represents all the clothing and toiletries I packed for a 10 day trip:

fuzzygalore bestem trunk liner


The Oxford Handysack backpack again worked out great for a carry-on bag. I was able to keep all of my electronics close at hand, carry my helmet on board and keep my hands free. I ended up taking it along for the whole trip and found it useful on more than one occasion for toting stuff around.

Apparently Revzilla sells them.  In my opinion – worth the $26.

fuzzygalore oxford handysack

Riding Gear

My Klim Altitude gear is indeed waterproof. Saints be praised! It is warm when it’s hot and being that it has no native liners, you must dress yourself appropriately underneath the shell for the cold. As someone who likes layer dressing, that works out perfect for me. Also –  I look like an astronaut while wearing it.

fuzzygalore in klim altitude

Socks & Undies

Wash & wear clothing really skinnies down your packing list. BUT… having a pair of cotton underwear along is a necessity in my book. Synthetic fibers while wonderful for the easy wash/quick dry that they provide feel… unnatural. Having some cotton skivvies along is nice.

If you’re wearing leggings under your riding pants, you don’t need long socks. A pack of ankle socks works out great and packs at about the same size as 1 plush pair of long socks.


The telescoping GoPro stick is AWESOME for taking group shots. Being able to get our whole group into photos was great. I’m so happy I have the stick.

fuzzygalore at the neufenenpass

GoPro Photo: Taking in the Sights on Col de L’Iseran

GoPro Photo: Taking in the Sights on Col de L’Iseran

While I struggle to find the thread that will weave my trip posts together, I go back and look through photos, fondle stickers, shuffle postcards from the places we’d been. This morning I picked through a folder that Kenny dropped onto my Macbook. It was filled with GoPro stills from his point of view.

There are tons and tons of pictures there that bring me right back to the cool mountain air and the undulating roads. But I recognized this spot right away as I rolled through the pics:

fuzzygalore along the col de l'iseran

This was Kenny’s vantage point after I pulled over to take some photos on the Col de L’Iseran in France – one of my bucket list roads.

I’ll be daydreaming about our ride through there from my desk at work today. Have a great day y’all.

Once More Unto the Weekend, Dear Friends

Once More Unto the Weekend, Dear Friends

As I sat sifting through photos for a trip post this morning, I realized I’m going into way too serious mode. Things fall apart when that happens. So instead of a flowery, self-aggrandizing post about our recent trip? You’re getting this:

fuzzygalore awkward girl

You’re welcome.

If you’re wondering if there is something you’re supposed to notice, some deeper meaning… Nope. It’s right up there with the bunny with a pancake on it’s head.

This weekend we’re taking our dirty bikes out into the mountains. Any hopes of putting together some super-deep reflection on our Alpine ride won’t be happening. But! You might see some Instant Grahams of me flinging my clumsy ass into the weeds or something, so there’s that.

Your Turn

Tell me what you’ve got planned for the weekend. Please use fancy language and do your best to make us all jealous.