GoPro Photo-Mode Outtakes and Candids

The GoPro in photo mode is really the gift that keeps on giving. I was just going through iPhoto on my Macbook Air – the computer that I drag around when traveling. There are often photos on it that I forget about.

I just stumbled across this one:

kenny wondering what i am talking about now

I love that Kenny looks like a teeny-tiny person and I look like a giant, even though he towers over me in real life.  Apparently I was a giant that made no sense whatsoever, judging by the look on his face.

You can file this one under ‘pinky out’. I had no idea that I did this weird pinky move until I started using the GoPro.

backbone rock - pinky out

Considering there is absolutely NOTHING but bright blue sky, I have no idea what I was pointing at in this picture. Maybe I was trying the ole “OMG, it’s Bigfoot!… made ya look” on Kenny?

pointing at nothing

 Then are those time when you capture… moving on…

Sometimes the unfortunate innards of a bug will ruin what could have been a lovely photo.

The same can be said for a poorly placed rain drops or fog on the lens.

foggy lens on timmelsjoch

But my favorite GoPro candids are the ones that capture a view that you might not have otherwise stopped for. When you find those gems on the memory card, it makes it all worth it. 

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6 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Yeah, you can get lots of crappy pics but a few good ones.

    That last one is a cracker!

  2. Trobairitz says:

    I like that eclectic mix of photos. I do like that last one. Nice curves ahead.

    And what is wrong with a ‘pinkie out’. Sadly I do it too, whether taking a picture or a drink of coffee.

  3. Shybiker says:

    Fun, unexpected pics. And I’ve seen you do the pinky thing! During our lunch at Dixies, you did it with your fork. I found it endearing. One of several traits you have which melt my heart.

  4. GoProGuy says:

    IDK, I think the bug guts add something… 😛 That last pic is particularly beautiful. Thanks for posting these!

  5. GoPro Lenses says:

    thanks for the nice sharing

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