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Muddy Boots, Happy Face

My Sidi Adventure GORETEX boots are 4 years old. They are finally starting to show some evidence of wear that could affect their performance. Some of the stitching on the top of the foot...


I Have Bionic Knockers

Sometimes when I’m beside my bike pushing it or moving it or something like that, my super fembot boob-plates… honk the horn. And on that bombshell, have a good Friday, y’all! :beep:beep: 😆


SPOT Tracker Gen 3 Sale

If you’ve been eyeing a SPOT Gen 3 satellite tracker, they’re currently on sale at 50% off. Not too shabby! Maybe this is the push you’ve been waiting for 🙂 I have no...


Finally Ordered Myself a Spot Tracker

Well, I finally broke down and ordered a Spot Gen 3 Tracker. I hope that I never, ever need it and it becomes a $150 insurance policy. I’d been waffling on the whole topic...


The Klim Altitude Jacket Has Landed!

It’s here! It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting all week for my Klim Altitude jacket to show up. It finally arrived on Thursday after what felt like an eternity. First impressions of it have left...


Can I Finally Kiss My Raingear Goodbye?

On Thursday morning while being completely useless at work before the long 4th of July weekend, I decided to check out the ladies Klim gear on You know, “just looking.” I don’t NEED...


Gear Up: Sittin’ Pretty with Seat Beads

Things are about to get sexy up in here. Two words: Butt. Beads. Seat Beads from Normally using said two words together might make you chuckle nervously. Maybe even bring on a bit...


Ziploc Upgrade – Small Watertight Box

I’m probably a little more excited than I should be about my small watertight box. (Sounds weird, I know.) I usually carry my wallet and or phone in a Ziploc baggie and shove it...


Grrrr! My New Ural Yamal TShirt

While I was at Ural of New England last weekend, I got a Ural Yamal tshirt.  Olga, proprietress and fabulous lady, designs the shirts that are for sale in their shop. LOVE! What the...


Road Trip: Visiting the Revzilla Showroom in Philly

My daughter Chloe recently outgrew her textile riding jacket. Having her sized and fitted into a decent piece of gear for the upcoming season was something I wanted to do in person. The biggest challenge?...