GoPro Outtakes: Assorted California Ride Photos

Over the last few days I’ve been cleaning stuff off of my MacBook. I have/had several folders worth of GoPro photo dumps that I never bothered to sift through and junk the chaff. Now, with gigs of space recovered, I’m left with a few outtakes.

California Outtakes

riding with cows on the sonora pass

That’s Ed drag racing some cows on the Sonora Pass. They were really hoofin’ it.

I’m here all week, folks!

fuzzygalore near sattly cash store and post office on 89This is me near the Sattley, Ca. Post Office. I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m doing with my hands. At least it wasn’t that weird pinky thing I do when taking photos.

winding road next 140 miles red bluff california

My GoPro snapped away as I stopped to take a picture of the winding road next 140 miles sign on CA 36 near Red Bluff. I’ve seen my actual photo around the internet quite a bit. I hate when it’s not credited back to my site, but thems the breaks here on the web.

bigfoot statue in happy camp ca
BIGFOOT! Visiting my dude in Happy Camp, Ca.

riding along under the big trees
I have no idea which grove of Redwoods these were. But, it doesn’t matter. I loved them all.

when in doubt pinky out
I stopped to take a picture of the Chloe street sign because that’s my daughter’s name. Wouldn’t you know it? Pinky out! 🙂


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4 Responses

  1. novos says:

    I won the pink slip to those cow’s milk.

    They were asking for it!

  2. Pinky out helps eliminate camera shake when making pictures. It’s the sign of serious professional photographers.

    The GoPro makes nice pictures. Can’t figure out why I never use mine…

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