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Long Island Motorcycle Ride Photo Inspiration: Phetus88 Mural

Long Island Motorcycle Ride Photo Inspiration: Phetus88 Mural

Now that I’ve been a Long Islander for just about 20 years, I find that it can be challenging to keep the local Long Island motorcycle ride excitement fires stoked.

Having ridden motorcycles in many different states, and places like the Alps, the American West, the mountains of the south, what I have found over time is that “fun” is all about mindset.

So, when I don’t leave Long Island for a day ride on my motorcycle, it is common for me to go out and do a bit of local exploring. I seek out things like interesting roadside attractions, historical points, or photogenic views.

With this frame of mind, the old adage it’s not the destination, it’s the journey is turned on its head. The ride becomes about the destination. Sure, the ride itself is enjoyable, it is riding after all, but the big payoff is often what’s waiting for me at my planned stop.

Long Island Motorcycle Ride – Photo Inspo

While not typically known for its street art or murals to the same degree as our 5 borough neighbors, Long Island does have some excellent pieces.

In my local travels around the Island over the last few months I’ve been seeking out inspiring works both for myself to enjoy, and with the hope of sharing them.

This collection of photos is of a mural found in the town of Huntington by Long Island artist Phetus88. His monsterous expressionism is such an explosion of color and character you simply can’t tear your eyes away from it.

The first time I saw this wall, my eyes lit up. I just love it!

yamaha fz07 and phetus88 mural in huntington new york - long island motorcycle ride inspiration
phetus88 mural in huntington ny
long island motorcycle ride inspiration: phetus88 mural on the back of the huntington arts council building
phetus88 in huntington ny
phetus88 mural on garage door huntongton arts council building
long island motorcycle ride instagram-worthy stop - phetus88 mural huntington, ny

Visit this Phetus88 Mural in Huntington, NY

If you’d like to visit this awesome Phetus88 mural yourself, it is located on the back side of the Huntington Arts Council building. You won’t be disappointed!

Huntington Arts Council
213 Main St
Huntington, NY 11743
Google Maps

Follow phetus88: web | Instagram

Muffler Man of Mentone, California

Muffler Man of Mentone, California

The muffler man of Mentone, California stands watch over the desert valley from behind a fence in someone’s front yard. The plaque on his middle, like an ersatz giant belt buckle says “Outboard Inn, Mentone Beach.”

mentone beach muffler man of mentone california

With his baseball bat at the ready it seems like he’s ready to rough any wayward trespassers up. Doesn’t he look like the type of guy that might tell someone they’re “cruisin’ for a bruisin’“?

bunyan muffler man of mentone california

Look at him! You just know he tells dad jokes. Or maybe lights his own farts on fire with a lighter. You can totally see that, right? It’s the stifled, sly smile.


Moving on…

muffler man of mentone california - close up

The hot desert sun has bleached this poor fellas irises to a rusty orange tone. Either that or he’s really seen some stuff. It was 2020 when I visited, after all.

giant fiberglass rooster mentone california

The Buyan spends his time amongst other interesting Mentone Beach-dwellers like a soldier in the Giant Chicken Army on the roof (naturally) and a Statue of Liberty head. Not to mention a bevy of outboard motors, antique car wheels, and a mountain of other yard junk.

If you take a look at the Google Maps streetview, you can get an idea of what’s doin’ in that yard. It’s quite something!

mentone califronia bunyan muffler man

Though it was very tempting to try to get a peek over the fence, I heard dogs on the property so I opted to keep my distance. I’m sure they get plenty of visitors stopping for a look, but I wasn’t interested in being mauled. And when visiting these types of private home stops, even though they are a spectacle, I feel it’s important to respect their space.

Muffler Man and Yamaha FZ07 - Mentone California

Thank heaven for the weirdos. They keep life colorful.

Visit the Muffler Man of Mentone, California

10098 Garnet St, Mentone, CA 92359
Google Maps

100 Motorcycle Blog Post Ideas

100 Motorcycle Blog Post Ideas

Whether you are a new moto blogger or an old pro, the question “what should I blog about?” always comes up. You could create a motorcycle blog post about travel, maintenance, or simply the motorcycle lifestyle. The options are limitless!

100 Motorcycle blog Post Ideas from Fuzzygalore - Yamaha FZ07

If you need a spark of inspiration, here are 100 Motorcycle Blog Post Ideas to kickstart your creativity and get those wheels turning.

Easy Motorcycle Blog Topics

  1. Your 5 favorite motorcycle memes
  2. Your first motorcycle
  3. Describe your first motorcycle road trip
  4. Your favorite motorcycle of all time
  5. The best road you’ve ever ridden
  6. Why you like to ride alone
  7. Why you don’t like to ride alone
  8. How you discover new roads to ride
  9. What it’s like riding with a group
  10. The most interesting rider you’ve ever met
  11. What it’s like riding different styles of motorcycle
  12. How you learned to ride
  13. Are you a ride planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
  14. A review of rider training classes you’ve taken
  15. Your favorite ride-to-eat place
  16. Top 10 reasons you love riding a motorcycle
  17. That time you did an IBA Saddle Sore 1000
  18. A review of your favorite motorcycle-related book or movie
  19. The best piece of riding advice you’ve ever received
  20. The most recent motorcycle photo on your camera roll
  21. Your favorite motorcycle Instagram accounts
  22. Your opinion on the motorcycle wave
  23. Wheelies – Awesome or stupid and reckless?
  24. A how-to for a motorcycle maintenance task
  25. A motorcycle you had a love-hate relationship with
  26. Your dream motorcycle road
  27. Photos from a motorcycle show you attended
  28. Your favorite motorcycle bloggers
  29. How you deal with other people’s motorcycle-related negativity
  30. Your favorite motorcycle youTube Video
  31. What the Sunday Ride means to you
  32. Post a photo of your motorcycle at the “Welcome to…” sign at a state border
  33. A story about overcoming a motorcycle-related fear you had
  34. What being part of a motorcycle community means to you
  35. A great piece of gear you purchased
  36. What inspired you to start riding
  37. A motorcycle experience that stunk at the time that you now look back at fondly
  38. Your best riding buddy
  39. 10 places you’d like to visit on your motorcycle
  40. The motorcycle that “got away”
  41. Why a motorcycle would be the perfect zombie apocalypse vehicle
  42. A piece of gear that didn’t live up to the hype
  43. A great helmet selfie
  44. Your next motorcycle
  45. Top 10 reasons why women riders are badass
  46. A motorcycle clichรฉ that makes you cringe
  47. Your thoughts on tiered licensing
  48. What it’s like to attend a large motorcycle rally
  49. What you would do differently as a new rider, based on what you know now
  50. Something that you never thought you’d do on your motorcycle, but did
  51. What its like riding with your significant other
  52. Post a photo of your bike with a cool mural in the background
  53. Tips for motorcycle camping
  54. The best motorcycle gift you’ve ever received
  55. Riding with your dog – cool or no way, dude!
  56. Tales of commuting by motorcycle
  57. Tips for being a year-round rider in a cold weather state
  58. The best chain lube
  59. Top 10 reasons why motorcycles are better than (the opposite sex)
  60. The most inspiring motorcyclist you know
  61. A photo tour from around your town
  62. 5 reasons why motorcycles blogs suck
  63. Deal’s Gap Tail of the Dragon – Is it worth the hype?
  64. The most “famous” motorcycle road in your area
  65. The longest ride you’ve ever taken
  66. Lessons learned from a motorcycle mishap
  67. Souvenirs you collect from motorcycle trips
  68. Motorcycle packing tips
  69. How to stay comfortable when riding in hot weather
  70. A story about an elderly relative who rode motorcycles
  71. Photos from a motorcycle trip to a National Park
  72. Group riding etiquette tips
  73. Where to meet people to ride with
  74. Your favorite new farkle on your bike
  75. Recommendations for phone apps you use during motorcycle rides
  76. Your favorite motorcycle podcasts
  77. A piece of advice for newer riders
  78. Experiences with motorcycle roadside service or towing
  79. A motorcycle trend you think is awesome
  80. Recommendations for a helmet intercom device
  81. Earplugs while riding
  82. A video introduction of yourself and/or your motorcycle
  83. A history of all of the motorcycles you’ve owned
  84. Which do you prefer – single or multiple bike ownership
  85. Your unpopular motorcycle opinion – if loving X is wrong, you don’t want to be right
  86. What do you think of motorcycle social media influencers?
  87. Introduce your readers to a great motorcycle hangout spot
  88. Photos from your most recent day ride
  89. What makes a good ride report
  90. Your experiences riding a motorcycle during a pandemic
  91. That time you considered giving up riding
  92. The coolest motorcycle event you took part in
  93. A list of the states and countries you’ve ridden a motorcycle in
  94. Why you love small/big displacement motorcycles
  95. That time you thought you were cool on your bike but…
  96. Post photos of your motorcycle just because you love it
  97. The best motorcycle songs
  98. Favorite motorcycle riding celebrity
  99. Your next motorcycle trip
  100. How you see yourself as a rider in the next 5 years

Ride More, Write More

Hopefully you’ve found one or two motorcycle blog post ideas from this list. Riding your motorcycle often is the best way to inspire your blog writing. The more you ride, the more you can write about it. It’s a win-win.

If you are new to blogging, rest assured that it gets easier over time as you find your voice.

Sharing is Caring – Tell Us About Your Posts

If you’ve written a post or two with any of these topics, leave a comment with a link to the posts so that we can enjoy what you’ve written.

Ride a lot, write a lot. Be safe, friends.

Motorcycle Bloggers are the Sexiest Bloggers

Motorcycle Bloggers are the Sexiest Bloggers

So you want to write a motorcycle blog?

A motorcycle blog is a great way to share your passion for two wheels with the world. Maybe you’ve been kicking the idea around but don’t know how to start. Well? It’s as easy as riding a bike.

Plus! Motorcycle bloggers are the sexiest bloggers of all of the writing niches. It’s science. (Don’t look it up, just take my word for it.)

motorcycle blogger fuzzygalore on a yamaha fz07 in the california desert

How to Start a Motorcycle Blog

Step One: Ride a Motorcycle

Are you ready for some earth-shattering wisdom on the road to becoming a motorcycle blogger?

Riding a motorcycle or at least being interested in motorcycles is step one.

I know! Crazy, right?!

Step Two: Write and share photos of your motorcycle experience

So, you’ve made it passed the first hurdle. Congratulations! Now it’s time for you to put your motorcycle experiences on the page.

Now, maybe you’re not a rider yet. That’s okay. How about documenting your journey towards learning to ride?

Or, maybe you never want to actually ride and you just like snapping photos of motorcycles parked or seen around your city. Great! People love looking at photos.

Maybe you’re a commuter, or you spend all of your free time riding, or you’re an industry insider who has a unique insight. I dunno! Your motorcycle experience is unique to you! Tell the world about it.

Step Three: Enjoy fame and fortune

Just kidding.

Chances are the only thing you’re going to get from blogging about the motorcycle experience is connecting with other riders who read your posts, comments from your mom (who will always think you’re a superstar), and a passion project for yourself.

Sound discouraging? Surprisingly, it isn’t. As a long-time unpaid blogger, I can say that there is joy simply in the doing.

yamaha fz07 at bombay beach california

Of course the three steps I’ve outlined are tongue-in-cheek, but they’re not that far off. The rules are: there really aren’t many rules. Makes posts that relate to motorcycles. Have a good time doing it. That’s it.

You know, I have been at this blogging-thing for a pretty long time. I started writing about my rides back in 1998 on a Hometown AOL page. At the time, the word “blog” didn’t even exist but the core idea did.

We’re social animals, albeit in varying degrees. People seek like-minded individuals to whom we can relate. At our core, we want to be inspired and share common experiences.

And so, here you are, reading this motorcycle blog over 20 years after its first incarnation. I don’t make any claims about being a blogging “expert.” I’ve just learned a few things along the way that I’m passing along.

motorcycle blogger fuzzygalore yamaha fz07

What is your blogging goal?

Okay, let’s get started! ::cracks knuckles::

When you begin your blogging journey, understanding what you want out of the process is important. Be honest with yourself.

  • Do you want to make money?
  • Do you want to write reviews and get free stuff?
  • Do you want to help people?
  • Do you want to be a part of a community?
  • Do you simply like to write and want to share your story?

Maybe you want all of these things, or… none of these things.

Knowing the why may help you to zero in on the how.

For example, if your main goal is to find a way to monetize blogging about motorcycles, your approach to writing, setting up your blog and marketing it will be in contrast to simply writing for your own pleasure.

Both avenues will be work, but one will be more like a job.

fuzzygalore girlie motorcycle blogger yamaha on a cool spring evening

What does blogging success mean to you?

Measuring success when you are writing a blog isn’t one-size fits all. This goes back to the why of writing your blog.

If you are writing with the hope of making money or getting free gear and products to review – success might be something like a dollar amount, or being paid to contribute to other online motorcycle publications.

If earning some level of income isn’t your focus, success might mean x number of shares on a post, a million pageviews, or thousands of comments.

Sometimes, just getting positive feedback from one person will make your day.

Maybe for you, the ability to craft a post, or take some lovely photographs is it’s own reward. The success and pride is simply in the doing.

There is no right answer beyond what’s right for you.

yamaha fz07 at the farnham collosai in west virginia

How do you go viral or become popular?

Honestly? I haven’t the slightest idea how virality works. I’ve long since given up trying to understand what makes people like and share posts.

Often the posts I am most proud of don’t get any feedback. You have to learn to be okay with this reality.

There have been many times that I’ve read Top X Motorcycle Blogger posts, only to read the same blog names over and over again. And more often than not, I don’t find at least half of the blogs on the list very engaging.

What that tells me is that I am likely out of step with what most people find interesting or popular. Or, perhaps such posts and articles are nothing more than clickbait designed to make the people who are included share the post.

I’m guessing here – relatability or being helpful is likely the key to sharing.

2016 yamaha fz07 in nissequogue

Does it cost anything to run a motorcycle blog?

Yes. No. Maybe.

You have a lot of options with regard to spending on the nuts and bolts of creating a blog. The best part? You don’t have to spend any money to get started if you don’t want to.

Getting started: Pick a blog platform

If you don’t plan on purchasing your own domain name, and you don’t need your own hosting company, you can run your blog on a free service like

Using WordPress is easy-peasy and highly flexible. There are eleventy-million different free plug-ins and themes to help you customize your blog. And they also offer a free phone app so that you can post on-the-go.

If you aren’t a technical person and you just want a place to log in and post, you can’t go wrong with WordPress. It’s simple and will grow with you.

Blog-related things that can cost money (but aren’t necessary):

How do you know when you’ve made it as a motorcycle blogger?

Do you have a motorcycle-related blog post published on the internet that people can read? Well, guess what? You made it! You are now a motorcycle blogger.

This kind of goes back to what you think success is. What does “making it” mean to you? Is it earning money from your blog, being on best motorcycle blog lists, getting lots of pageviews? Or is it when your friends say they loved your latest post when you meet for coffee?

Someone once stopped me at a traffic light in Virginia and told me they read my blog. I live in New York. That felt amazing and was my own personal “I made it” feeling.

fuzzygalore girlie motorcycle blogger at the tepee cherry valley new york with buffalo statue

It’s motorcycle blog but what should I write about?

Everything and anything!

Motorcycles are such a rich and engaging experience and touch so many parts of people’s lives the topics to write about are endless!

Commuting, travel, industry news, top 10 lists, other riders, racing, opinion pieces, picks, pans, rumors, lifestyle, gear, curated Instagram posts, daily rider experience – fuhgeddaboudit!

Remember, this is your blog. Do whatever the hell you want. For every rule you read, you’ll find someone who broke it and went on to succeed.

There is only one you and your view of the world is unique. Share it!

Do you actually have to write anything to be blogger?

Nope, you don’t.

Maybe your blog would be made up of motorcycle images, or reblogged industry news, or motorcycle memes. As long as you’re weaving the thread of motorcycles somewhere in there, you have tons of options.

If you aren’t confident in your writing voice yet, that’s okay! You’re not being graded. Be yourself and share your unique point of view.

Do you have to share photos on a motorcycle blog?

Do blogs with engaging images enjoy more pageviews and interactions? Probably. Internet readers are generally skimmers. So, the old adage about a picture being worth 1,000 words likely rings true.

So while it isn’t a requirement, you will likely find that posts with photos perform better.

Stuck? Pay homage to the motorcycle blogs you like to read

Think about the motorcycle blogs that you like to read. What makes them special to you?

They say great writers read a lot, and great artists steal. Pay homage to the people that inspire you with their blogging if you’re having trouble finding your footing at first.

You will evolve if you keep at it.

Will I be extra sexy If I write a motorcycle blog?


How to Write a Motorcycle Blog – In Conclusion

So, while there are a lot of words on this page, the process is pretty simple.

  • Love motorcycles
  • Create a blog account somewhere
  • Write a post about motorcycles
  • Add a motorcycle photo or two
  • Publish it
  • Tell your friends

Welcome to the motorcycle blogging neighborhood!

My Favorite Motorcycle Blogs

Finishing this post up without providing examples of great motorcycle blogs would be a shame.

My two favorite motorcycle blogs continually inspire me with their heart, introspection, experiences and photography. These two gents continually knock my socks off.

Scooter in the Sticks

Motorcycle Paradise

What About You – Words of Wisdom?

Do you have any blogging words of wisdom or encouragement for other motorcycle riders who are just dipping their toes into the blogging waters?

What types of posts and blog do you love or hate?

Are you finally thinking about taking the plunge yourself?

Leave a comment!

Ride to Eat: Tuesday Night Supper Club – Burgerology

Ride to Eat: Tuesday Night Supper Club – Burgerology

Burgerology – My Favorite Degree!

On Tuesday nights, I try to meet up with friends to get out and get some air on the bikes. This usually involves a little riding, a little eating, lots of laughing and shit-talking. Burgerology in Huntington was a perfect fit.

yamaha fz07 in huntington new york

Here on Long Island, we have tons of places that now offer outside dining. It’s unfortunate that it took a pandemic to push us in this direction, but I’m happy we’re here. We’ve been sorely lacking a thriving outdoor cafe culture for far too long.

Burgerology now offers sidewalk seating!

burgerology huntington new york

Now, I’m not usually one for posting food photos (donuts don’t count) but this mac & cheese bacon burger on a pretzel bun with truffle fries was really good and I thought you should know about it ๐Ÿ™‚

burgerology mac and cheese burger huntington new york

The burger was so good in fact, that when I spotted it on the menu and said so out loud, someone immediately copied me and ordered the same thing.

As is my right by the ancient laws of restaurant dining, I made sure to tell the waiter that I saw it first and that I was indeed being copied. The waiter, caring deeply with every fiber in his soul, looked at me sympathetically. Or, it might have been the look of who gives a shit? It was dark out.

baby yoda mural in huntington new york

As if the Mac & Cheese burger weren’t enough of a reason to hit this place up ~ on the back-side of the Burgerology building, there is a knockout mural painted by Andaluz the Artist, featuring Baby Yoda holding a cheeseburger. Does it get any better than this?

Amazing food, great artwork and a ride on your motorcycle? A win all the way around!

baby yoda burgerology yamaha fz07 in huntington

Not only did my order get copied, but this guy cockblocked my photo opportunity! Man, with friends like this… ๐Ÿ˜€

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