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Just Pretend You’re Good at This

Is it possible to trace the fluttering line of your path back to the point when you diverged from following the route where anything you wanted from your life was possible? Did you knowingly...


Bucket List: Riding the Moki Dugway

While riding in Utah in the fall of ’23, seeing the Moki Dugway was a must-do. The unpaved pass was something on my bucket list for what must’ve been over a decade. I first...


The Little Kriega Bags That Could

Though I’ve written about them in the past, I just have to give another shout out to these Kriega bags – a Drypack US-20 and US-30 . Year after year they continue to make...


Motorcycle Blogger: My Camera Equipment

Ostensibly, blogging is in large part about writing things down. But you can’t overlook the impact that photos have on supplementing those writings. Images fill in the gaps where words fall short. Maybe you’ve...


Crossing the Plains in New Mexico

During any road trip there are bound to be moments which are… boring. Looking out towards the horizon on a pin straight road which looks like it might deliver you to the edge of...


Greetings from the American Southwest

This year, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks bumming around the American Southwest. The idea of taking this trip was something that I’d been noodling on abstractly for a while....