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What Motorcycles Taught Me About Being a Coward

What Motorcycles Taught Me About Being a Coward

Throughout the last two decades, there are so many things that motorcycles have taught me about being a coward. There is a lesson in every ride. But it can take time for the meaning to make itself known.

Sometimes that lesson is directly related to the act of riding. And others, it transcends the machine.

What Exactly is a Coward, Anyway?

Merriam Webster’s good book defines it as such:

cow·​ard | \ ˈkau̇(-ə)rd  \
Definition of coward
(Entry 1 of 2)one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity

chickencravencurdastardfunkpoltroon*, recreantsissy

Fuzzygalore's KTM 690 Enduro on a trail

Whew, timidity? I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like I have that in spades.

I’ve quivered, wrestled with indecision, and flat out refused to do some things because I was chicken. Many times, I’ve applied the brakes when the correct answer was more gas. And, I’ve found myself sitting at the edge of a water crossing while the rest of the pack has ridden away.

In the end, when I’ve backed away from challenges, I gained nothing.

When you don’t keep up your momentum and lean deeply through life’s curves, the thrill just isn’t there.

The big moments, big achievements, life’s hard-fought triumphs? Honey, those aren’t found in the arms of your comfort zone.

Lean in. Deeply.

Start with Being Brave Enough to Try

Fuzzygalore's KTM 690 Enduro on a trail

In my experiences where mushing my fears in the face were required, what I imagined the outcome to be was far worse than reality.

What if I don’t make it up the rocky hill on my bike? What if I fall? What if I submarine my bike in that puddle?

I don’t know. What if?

What if you try to ride up that hill and none of those mistakes happen?

What if you discover you’re a badass?

And hell, you might fail on the first try. You might crash trying to get your bike over an obstacle.

So what?

Each “fail” is a win.

Stop to consider that each time you don’t make it, you gain experience. You learn ways not to do something. Plus, you earn the knowledge that screwing something up isn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be.

Convincing yourself that you can’t ride over a log or through a water crossing and not even bothering to give it a shot? That’s a guaranteed failure.

For a mere split second all you have to do is be brave enough to try.

Feeling Cowardly Isn’t a Fixed State of Being


Tired of being a wallflower?

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Now… come closer…


Yeah, you can! The people riding around the world or doing track days, they aren’t made up of anything special. They’re just people. Not magic people. Regular people who had the courage to go after something they wanted.

Your motorcycle loves you. Use it as a key to unlock the potential within yourself.

Start slow. Start small. Just start.

My Motorcycle, My Teacher

Fuzzygalore and her KTM 690 Enduro near a stream

So what have motorcycles taught me about being a coward?

It’s taught me that when I feel cowardly, it’s up to me to ride through it. The fear isn’t a fixed state of being. Being brave enough to lean harder, go faster, ride further for just a split second can make all the difference.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

George Addair

* It’s a shame that poltroon is negative. It would be much more fun if it was someone who wore a chicken suit full time.

The Tepee: Cherry Valley, NY

The Tepee: Cherry Valley, NY

The TePee, Cherry Valley, NY’s famous roadside attraction has been around since 1950. It’s made up of a pinch of giftshop, a dash of Americana, and a whole heap of awesomeness.

I’d stopped there once before years prior, but I was hot and miserable. The experience wasn’t especially pleasant. Thankfully, my latest visit was the opposite of that.

This time I bought a Tepee shot glass to commemorate my excellent trip.

the Tepee Cherry Valley, New York

The TePee looks out across the Mohawk Valley. The valley spills out to the edge of the Earth. And in between the Tepee and eternity, there are lovely roads to ride.

Telescope at the Tepee Cherry Valley, NY

During my visit, I had a little tête-à-tête with the sleepy-eyed buffalo. He didn’t have a lot to say, he just kinda grazes in the parking lot; keeps an eye on things.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but Buff is smiling, too.

Fuzzygalore selfie withe the buffalo at the Tepee in Cherry Valley

I’ll be honest. The first thing I thought when I saw the buffalo was that I wanted to sit on it. They must get that a lot.

Please do not ride the buffalo sign at the Tepee

During a quick search, I was able to find vintage postcards that feature The Tepee.

This particular image was taken before the attached building was built.

It’s fun to imagine what the woman would be saying to the brave on the bucking bronco if they were real. Maybe she was part of something like a carhop service, but for horse riders. “What can I getcha, hon?”

Vintage postcard

How much do you love that bucking bronco out front? Unfortunately, it is no longer there. And can we talk about the totem pole? So good. Sadly it too is no longer around.

vintage postcard

When the Tepee was built, it was clad in silver like a disco space tepee. Everybody knows that disco space tepee parties are the best parties.

vintage postcard

The Tepee
7632 Hwy 20
Cherry Valley, NY 13320

Motorcycle Blogger or Long Island Motorcycle Blogger?

Motorcycle Blogger or Long Island Motorcycle Blogger?

Long Island Motorcycle Farm Land
Greetings from Long Island

Am I a motorcycle blogger? Or a Long Island motorcycle blogger?

Is there a difference?

It may come as a surprise to people who don’t know me personally, but I can easily fall down the rabbit hole of data analysis. You’re looking at one of those nerdy weirdos who gets excited by it. Data is like a puzzle and that is candy for my brain.

You’re probably thinking, Okaaaay, and?

Well, recently I’ve taken a closer look at who actually reads this blog. What I uncovered surprised me.

Who reads this motorcycle blog?


  • Male: 80%
  • Female: 20%


  • United States: 80%
  • New York: 20%


  • 25-34: 18%
  • 35-44: 17%
  • 45-54: 26%
  • 55-64: 27%
  • 65+ : 12%

So, are you a man 45 or older who lives in the New York Metro area?

New York Readership Concentration

Analytics – What surprised me

For starters, I wrongly assumed that more women would be interested in this blog. But if you factor in that only 19% of ridership in the United States is made up of women, maybe the gender split makes sense.

There has never been any evidence for me to support the notion of more women readers. I just made the assumption that people gravitate to others who are similar to themselves.

Maybe the similarity, in this case, is just being a rider.

I can get behind that.

“The study found that among all age groups, women make up 19 percent of motorcycle owners, compared with less than 10 percent less than a decade ago.”

USA Today

Welcome to New York

New York Sign - KTM 690 Enduro
Welcome to New York

When it comes to the location information, I am not at all surprised that most of my blog readers are in the United States.

And since I live in New York and do a lot of riding here, it does stand to reason that the state of New York has a large readership. They’re likely to see familiar sights or names of places.

When I ask myself, do I mention New York a lot? I don’t think I do. So, what lands New York blog readers here in such a high percentage? Is Google more apt to deliver localized results overall?

The state of New York has nearly triple the percentage of readers when compared to the next most popular state.

Long Island Motorcycle Blogger?

long island motorcycle blogger fuzzygalore - triumph bonneville

Taking the location information down to the next level, as you can see on the map above, there is a high concentration of activity around New York City and Long Island.

Does this mean that the things I write about are more Long Island-centric than anywhere else?

Are the Long Island readers people who know me personally? Or friends of friends?

WHO ARE YOU?! Say ‘hi,’ why don’t ya!

Long Island’s Best Motorcycle Blogger?

Am I somehow failing a “hometown” audience that I didn’t know I had?

Should I set my sights on becoming Long Island Best Motorcycle Blogger?

Because that would be a crown I wouldn’t mind wearing. It probably feels incredible to be that best at something.

Who is Long Island’s Best Motorcycle Blogger?

Why, Girlie Motorcycle Blog @, of course!

Who is Long Island’s Best Motorcycle Blogger?

Why, Girlie Motorcycle Blog @, of course!

What is the Best Long Island Motorcycle Blog?

Well, that would have to be Girlie Motorcycle Blog, my good man!

I don’t know about you, but I like it!

Motorcycle Blogger or Long Island Motorcycle Blogger?

long island motorcycle blogger FYYFF helmet sticker
FYYFF – The New York Greeting

So here I am, back to where I started: wondering what type of blogger I am and who the content speaks to.

Is my topical breadth general enough to just be a motorcycle blogger who appeals to people everywhere?

Or am I more Long Island-centric?

Or should I be more Long Island-focused?

Comments, anyone?

Long Island Roadside Attraction – Flying Pig!

Long Island Roadside Attraction – Flying Pig!

Ready for a fab Long Island roadside attraction? You came to the right place!

Pink Flying Pig of Miller Place, NY

Taking up residence front and center at the Flying Pig Cafe in Miller Place, this adorable piggy is sure to fly out of the cafe and into your heart.

Within the Long Island roadside attraction game, this flying pig is a relative newcomer to the scene. And a most welcomed addition. Having a kickass symbol of overcoming impossible odds is an uplifting message.

when pigs fly
Definition of when pigs fly

—used to say that one thinks that something will never happen


Fly, piggy. Fly!

long island roadside attraction flying pig

When riding my motorcycle I’m always on the lookout for quirky roadside sights. This happy pig makes me smile every time I pass by!

Just look at that sweet face.

He’s squealy cute, right?

And what a ham!

He’s always hogging the spotlight when people stop to snap photos. This smiling oinker is selfie material, for sure.

Taking a guess, this cow-spotted porker is about 6-feet long from snout to its curly-tailed caboose. And its size puts it firmly into the roadside attraction category versus just being your garden variety animal statue.

long island roadside attraction flying pig

Where Is the Pink Flying Pig?

The Flying Pig Cafe
825 NY-25A
Miller Place, NY 11764

Where Is the Pink Flying Pig?

The Flying Pig Cafe
825 NY-25A
Miller Place, NY 11764

Long Island Roadside Attractions

Within the boundaries of Long Island’s 1,401 square miles – we host several roadside attraction worth writing home about. This angel pig is but one.

If you’re looking for weird things to do on Long Island or Instagram-worthy spots – look no further:

Long Island Roadside Attractions

Long Island Roadside Attractions

You Might Also Like

Are you a fan of pigs in general? These roadside stops will be right up your alley:

Motorcycle Road Porn on Instagram (2019)

Motorcycle Road Porn on Instagram (2019)

The motorcycle road porn that is featured on the Instagram account @instaroads is fantasy fuel. The photos there are sure to get you hot under your motorcycle jacket’s collar.

While you’re scrolling through, take a moment and imagine you on your motorcycle in these photos. There you are, leaning through the undulating curves, taking in the grand landscapes, feeling the wind, smelling the air… incredible.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Amateur Motorcycle Road Porn

I am grateful to have ridden a handful of the beautiful motorcycle roads that @instaroad features on their account. They’re the stuff motorcycle dreams are made of.

motorcycle road porn - the nufenen pass in switzerland

Make your dreams come true. Keep exploring!

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