Day 1: Beware of the Creeper – #29in29

29in29 Blog Post ChallengeIt’s so great to let the GoPro run in photo-mode. You really find some candid gems when sifting through the stack of photos that you took throughout the day.

I love this one of Kenny:

GoPro Kenny Alien

Doesn’t he look like a menacing alien creeper? I think I’m going to get him a Team Anal Probe sticker for his bike.


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13 Responses

  1. I don’t know about the alien part, but he sure does look like a creeper!

  2. Holy crap! You’re engaged to the Master Chief!

  3. RichardM says:

    +1 to what Adrian said. That was my first thought…

  4. Trobairitz says:

    Very nice. Looks like he is trying to put a hex on you….or whispering ‘booga booga’

    A great start to your 29 in 29.

  5. GLantern says:

    That still mode keeps capturing great shots! I agree with the master chief comments!

  6. SonjaM says:

    Creepy, yes. Well, a bit. But alien? Noooo. Helmet people look very familiar to me.

    Signing up for the challenge. Thanks for the great idea.

  7. Dar says:

    He looks like he is saying “Bwahaaahhhhaaaah!!!!!!”. Love the challenge and am going to do my best posting a pic.

  8. Trent Davis says:

    I got to get me a go pro cam soon, would love to browse through such photos after a day riding 🙂

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