Just Me and My Gigantic Noggin. And Dinosaurs.

Just Me and My Gigantic Noggin. And Dinosaurs.

Lately, I’ve been riding around everywhere with my GoPro on a stick in photo-mode. I love being able to extend the stick to get a point of view that you could never get with a handheld camera. I also love the slight fisheye curve that the GoPro will capture.

When I was sitting at the beach over the weekend the camera was snapping away at 5-second intervals. It pulled this shot of what can only be described as my ENORMOUS head.

my enormous head

At first I thought maybe that it was just the fisheye-ness of the GoPro that made my noggin look so huge.

But then, when I see this dinosaur that I snapped at a similar angle – its head doesn’t look disproportionately large:
roadside dinosaur

And these dinos? They look pretty normal. You know, for dinosaurs.

roadside dinosaurs

‘Mabel, did you see the gigantic head on that broad?’

‘Sure did, Blanche! That thing probably has it’s own weather system!’

It’s really kind of amazing I can manage to hold this thing up in the wind.

3 Replies to “Just Me and My Gigantic Noggin. And Dinosaurs.”

  1. It’s the helmet, not your head – if you wanted a super svelte helmet that wasn’t bigger than your head, you’d have to blow $1500+ on something like AGV’s Project 46.

    If you want to feel better about your giant melon, take a picture of you wearing a 3/4 scooter helmet.

    Those things will make you look like Toad from Super Mario, with how bulbous they sit atop your noggin.

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