I Think I May Have Opened Pandora’s Box

I Think I May Have Opened Pandora’s Box

A picture taken by me of me taking a picture. My apologies if the Universe explodes somewhere around lunchtime.

Me taking a picture of me taking a picture
When in doubt, pinky out!

During our trip to California, I found that I prefer to set the GoPro to picture mode rather than video mode. The picture quality is much better than pulling video stills and it is easier to pinpoint just the frames you want to keep and dump the rest.

I also found that there were some silly candid shots that get taken when you forget to stop the GoPro from shooting. I may have to save those for their own post like Is This Thing On? 🙂

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  1. Wow those are some really pretty twisty roads! I find I am getting more enchanted with motorcycling the more I ride. Next summer I can see some local motorcycle trips up island happening. I need to log some highway miles and miles in general before we plan on anything too big. Experience is the best teacher so they say. My hub has a GoPro, but we haven’t used it much yet. I think I may strap it on my bike and go for a wander some time soon.

    1. I’ve been following along on your progress as a new motorcyclist, Dar. It’s so great to read your posts – the excitement comes through in every one. 🙂

      I cant wait to read about your first trip.

  2. I got a Gopro recently and have used it for video heaps so far, but haven’t done much with the stills mode……I’m doing a ride on saturday and think I’ll flick it onto stills mode and see what I can come up with.

    1. I noticed that between the 1 second and 3 second modes – you will capture a lot more views of “see what i see” in 1 second mode – you would never think that 3 seconds could be too long, but in some cases it was.

      Yes, you will have a TON of photos from the camera. but they take up much less space on the memory card & seem to use less battery. And… you can delete them in big chunks, only picking out the ones you want.

      Looking forward to seeing how it went!

  3. You have a GoPro? Where all the riding video? Guess I’ll have to look through your site archives.

    I have a Contour HD 1080p…doesn’t have a picture mode. Kinda wish it did now that you mention such a thing.

    The danger of fellow motorcycle blog perusal is you find out you must have gadgets that you otherwise never would have needed.

    1. Yes, we have a couple of them.
      I think this video has my favorite vid we posted: http://www.fuzzygalore.com/2011/05/2011-berkshire-big-adventure-dual-sport/

      As it turns out – editing all of the you’ve collected can often be so time consuming that I just hate the thought of doing it. I don’t like ride videos that are just real time documentation of the whoooooole ride – so you have to cut it up. Patience isn’t my strong suit so the photo mode really seems to give me what i want. Snapshots of what I just saw.

  4. Hey Fuzzy,

    Really enjoying your blog. I have a GoPro too and also prefer the photo setting to video. I’ve always had mine set to 5 seconds, but I think I’ll dial it down to 3 seconds and try that for a bit. There are times when I was hoping I had captured something and unfortunately 5 seconds was too long. I too love getting in from a ride to see what quirky photos the GoPro has taken. Most are throwaways, but there’s always 15-20 that are gold!

    In all, I love the cam, but I do find that the fish-eye lens does kind of flatten/straighten out hills/curves, and makes riders in front or behind me look way further away than they actually are. Do you find that frustrating?


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