Sunday Snapshot: Morning Coffee, Royal Enfield Edition

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fuzzygalore roal enfield

Off to have coffee with my dudes in town.

I never thought I’d end up as one of those ‘old guys sipping coffee on a bench’ but I’m thiiiiiiiiis close 😀

Someone on Instagram said I look like the Stig. I’ll take it!


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2 Responses

  1. novos says:

    Some say, that in her purse, is a picture of the banana she keeps in her purse…

    And that she’s been known to travel for miles, just to see a man holding a muffler…

    All we know is: She’s called the Stig.

  2. Raindog says:

    Time spent as a bench-sitting coffee-sipper reminiscing about past rides and planning future motorbiking adventures is the next best thing to riding and cannot be counted against you. So sit, dear Fuzzy, sit and sip all you please. But be sure to continue sharing your contemplations with us, your loyal fans. 🙂

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