Super-Extendo GoPro on a Stick Kicks Ass

Super-Extendo GoPro on a Stick Kicks Ass

Right before I left for The Void Rally, I picked up a new GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition. The 3+ is a pretty big improvement over my old Heros. The photo quality is great, it’s smaller than the old unit, has a remote and a light on the back showing its running (yay!) .

the old and the new GoPro Heros

xshot camera extenderBut my favorite part? I also picked up a telescoping extender arm from XShot.

We’ve all been there, right? You’re alone and want to capture a photo of yourself someplace but you don’t have a tripod, no timer on your camera, the old arm-out-selfie doesn’t capture enough of the view, or maybe it’s raining and your camera isn’t waterproof. Enter the GoPro on a stick!

I’m so crazy about it! It is the best $20ish bucks I’ve spent in some time.

There are about eleventy billion different extenders to choose from. The one criteria I used to pick one was to make sure that it collapsed small enough to fit into my tankbag.

Now with my new super-extendo stick, I actually carry my GoPro around in my purse all the time. I’ve been using on walks, while riding my bicycle and when I’m just out and about.

I’m in love 🙂

6 Replies to “Super-Extendo GoPro on a Stick Kicks Ass”

  1. Good stuff! My wife just got me the 3+ but it’s the silver edition. Not sure what the difference in the Black model is.

  2. LOVE my Xshot as well! I find it’s also a good way to “balance” the camera too when shooting handheld. I’ll have to dig up a photo I had where I took a DSLR flash bracket and use it as a handheld “steady cam” mount of sorts.

  3. This is actually doable for a quarter of the price, if you pick up an old camera tripod or something from a yard sale and make a couple of adjustments…

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