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Day 29: Making Friends Along the Way – #29in29

For my final post of the #29in29 Challenge – I leave you with this~ If you’ve been following the challenge, I hope that maybe you’ve discovered a new blogger you hadn’t been reading regularly...


Day 19: My Constant Companion – #29in29

Sometimes when I leave my house, the sun at my back – I take a strange comfort in seeing my shadow riding along with me. Seeing it makes me feel like I’m “going somewhere”....


Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

This winter has really been an excellent one for riding here on Long Island. We haven’t gotten any snow to speak of and the temperatures have been mild. I feel sad for the folks...


Day 10: I Am One Woman – #29in29

Every time that I pass this sign for the One Woman vineyard, I give a virtual high-five to the lady who owns the place. One woman… can do anything she puts her mind to.