Things I Learned on my Alpine Riding Trip – Packing And Gear


The Givi box liner worked out fantastically. Packing all of my clothing into gallon ziplock bags then packing them into the Bestem bag kept everything neat and tidy.

This represents all the clothing and toiletries I packed for a 10 day trip:

fuzzygalore bestem trunk liner


The Oxford Handysack backpack again worked out great for a carry-on bag. I was able to keep all of my electronics close at hand, carry my helmet on board and keep my hands free. I ended up taking it along for the whole trip and found it useful on more than one occasion for toting stuff around.

Apparently Revzilla sells them.  In my opinion – worth the $26.

fuzzygalore oxford handysack

Riding Gear

My Klim Altitude gear is indeed waterproof. Saints be praised! It is warm when it’s hot and being that it has no native liners, you must dress yourself appropriately underneath the shell for the cold. As someone who likes layer dressing, that works out perfect for me. Also –  I look like an astronaut while wearing it.

fuzzygalore in klim altitude

Socks & Undies

Wash & wear clothing really skinnies down your packing list. BUT… having a pair of cotton underwear along is a necessity in my book. Synthetic fibers while wonderful for the easy wash/quick dry that they provide feel… unnatural. Having some cotton skivvies along is nice.

If you’re wearing leggings under your riding pants, you don’t need long socks. A pack of ankle socks works out great and packs at about the same size as 1 plush pair of long socks.


The telescoping GoPro stick is AWESOME for taking group shots. Being able to get our whole group into photos was great. I’m so happy I have the stick.

fuzzygalore at the neufenenpass


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6 Responses

  1. Mark Adams says:

    I would kill to go on this trip. Thanks for sharing the great tips! Maybe I can put them to use one day.

  2. That’s good for amazing trip.

  3. Akif Javaid says:

    That’s very helpful.

  4. Tim Clarke says:

    That’s Really Amazing to Read.

  5. George Henry says:

    I like those Mountains.

  6. Kilts says:

    Hi there! Thanks for sharing your travel gear insights. It sounds like the Givi box liner and Bestem bag combo really worked wonders for keeping your clothing organized during your 10-day trip – neat and tidy packing is always a win!

    I appreciate the tip about the Oxford Handysack backpack for flying; having a carry-on that accommodates electronics, allows for helmet storage, and keeps your hands free is a valuable travel companion. It’s good to know that Revzilla sells them, and your recommendation makes the $26 price tag seem worthwhile.

    It’s great to hear positive feedback about the Klim Altitude gear – being waterproof and versatile for layering sounds like a winning combination. Plus, looking like an astronaut adds a bit of flair to the riding experience!

    Your advice on socks and undies is practical, especially highlighting the comfort of cotton in certain situations. And the tip about the telescoping GoPro stick for group photos is fantastic – capturing memories with the whole group in the frame is priceless. Thanks for sharing your experiences and recommendations! Safe travels!

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