Day 15: When In Doubt, Pinky Out – #29in29

Day 15: When In Doubt, Pinky Out – #29in29

In the last 6 months, I’ve probably taken about 3 bajilion photos with my GoPro. As I’ve scanned through the results, picking out the photos that I want to keep and dumping the rest, I’ve noticed some behavioral patterns in the candid shots.

I wasn’t aware that I do this but apparently when I use my iPhone to take photos, I’m totally posh about it.  Pinky out! 😆

when in doubt - pinky out!

pinky out

pinky out

If you ever need any Grey Poupon, lemme know!

8 Replies to “Day 15: When In Doubt, Pinky Out – #29in29”

  1. Fuzzy I do that too with my little point & shoot. “when in doubt pinkies out” sounds like a good mission statement for Moto Mamas!

  2. You have some really wonderful pictures! I need to get a GoPro or just a nice regular camera, I am jealous at the quality of your shots (and the scenery too, my area is very boring!)

    Also, did you design your site from scratch? I feel mine is really boring using a standard template, but I don’t have any programming skills, sadly, lol!

    1. Thank so much, PB-

      I bet your area isn’t as boring as you think on the surface. Maybe take a closer, smaller look? I bet you have wonderful things that maybe you haven’t noticed before.

      My site is a basic template too that i modified slightly. There are tons of free themes, templates & tutorials out there. It is just time consuming to look through all of them. Good luck in finding a new one!

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