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Fuzzygalore's Triumph Tiger 6

Hey, Tiger! Good to See You Again

A Tuesday Night Date with an Old Friend Last night, being Tuesday and all, I went out for tacos with the fellas. It was the first time that I took the ole Tiger for...


They’ve Got Me Surrounded!

The Tiger took a trip to cruiser-town. The weekend is right around the corner. It’s your chance to make something great happen. Don’t waste it! Ride safe, ride far, ride happy~


Sunday Ride: Soaking up the Autumn Light at the Beach

There is something especially beautiful about the morning light at this time of the year. I don’t know if it is the colors that get reflected from the trees and grass, the suns position...


Kane’s Donuts: A Ride to Eat Destination

Kane’s Donuts was on my must-visit list for years! When the alarm clock sounded its horrible racket at 4:30 on Saturday morning, what would normally be met with an all-encompassing desire to smash it...


Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

This winter has really been an excellent one for riding here on Long Island. We haven’t gotten any snow to speak of and the temperatures have been mild. I feel sad for the folks...


Day 2: Kitty Likes to Scratch #29in29

:: Meow Fft Fft! :: It makes me laugh when strangers make the claw scratching motion while asking if that’s what my plate means. It’s the simple things in life 🙂 Ventriloquist Cat has...


Long Island: Fork to Fork On the Ferry

What is it about boarding a ferry on your bike that makes you feel like you’re going somewhere even when that somewhere is less than a mile away? On the eastern end of Long Island,...


Disaster Strikes: When Good Tigers Go Bad

So – why were we 2-up in this photo? Well, I’ll tell you. But, let me preface this by saying I am not trying to bad-mouth anyone and not recommending a company be avoided....


Don’t You Love Riding in the Autumn Weather?

Riding in the fall weather here in the northeast is so nice. The changing leaves make for a beautiful backdrop as you twist and turn through the countryside. I managed to squeak out a...