The Tiger, the Bull and the Duck on a Winter Day

The Tiger, the Bull and the Duck on a Winter Day

I don’t know if I am just a creature of habit, a 1 trick pony or what? But, there are a few landmarks here on Long Island that I cannot ride by without stopping to take a photo.

While out for a ride to enjoy the unseasonably warm December weather, I stopped in some of my favorite spots on my way east. Again.

Exhibit A: The big black bull in Manorville.

I don’t mean to stop and peer over the fence to look at the giant metal bull, it just happens. There are usually a couple furry-legged horses there in the corral that look at me like I’m an idiot when I do.

“Oh, brother. There’s the lady again. I wonder if she knows that Angus isn’t real?”

Big Bull Manorville

Exhibit B: The Big Duck of Flanders

The duck has some kind of magnetic field that pulls me right in. It very well could be a tractor beam emitted from its red eyes.

It never changes. It’s the same duck it’s been since the first time I saw it and yet… can’t pass it by.

Quack, Quack!

Big Duck of Flanders


7 Replies to “The Tiger, the Bull and the Duck on a Winter Day”

  1. Embarrassed I had to stop and ask myself:
    “ok I see the Bull, and the Duck, but where’s the Tiger?! … Ohhhhhh, waiiit, I get It.”
    * face palm *

    Too witty for me at 9 AM, Fuzzy. I’m never coming back here before 10 AM again lol!

  2. Guilty. I tend to stop at the same places over and over again and wonder why I’m taking the same picture. Maybe to track changes over the years…

    The duck is nicely decorated.

  3. It is so nice that you have some landmarks to stop and take photos of. Isn’t it funny what pulls us to take photos of certain things or places.

    Nice objects to photographs though.

  4. Thanks for the pic! I always go by the duck in the summer but never knew about the decorations until your pic went up. Now have to make a note to pass by and take a pic during the Christmas season! Angus is new to me.

    Learned 2 new things today.

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