11 Replies to “A Motorcyclist’s Lament: It Has Been A Long Winter”

  1. Well, there was the Midnight Run. The roads were clear and dry for the event, but shortly after the finish, the freezing rain started, turning everything into a mess. I was glad I trucked my ’65 305 Scrambler to the event. In New Hampshire, we go snowmobiling as a motorized winter activity. I don’t own a sled, but my business partner has several, and his wife won’t let him go for long rides alone. I am happy to go with him. Bob B

  2. Oh, but don’t it just make ya’ feel like a kid: The eagerness? The open road imaginings?

    As long as there’s not some adult there saying, “Hey, isn’t it past your bedtime?”, or with a spoon full of mystery mush, “Open the hangar—here comes the airplane.”

    (Sigh) Adults ruin everything.

  3. Yeah, this has been the worst winter for non-rideable days in many years. I doubt I’ve put 400 miles on since January 1st, and I don’t think we’ve had as much snow/ice as you NYers.

  4. I can’t take advantage of Vroom-vroom sounds on the Vespa so I had to drag my resisting mind and body from the warmth and comfort of a minivan and on to the scooter this morning. Despite the sub-zero temperature the roads were mostly clear of snow and ice and the salt seemed pretty firmly attached to the pavement. I couldn’t wait any longer because the long range forecast was just depressing.

    You won’t forget how to ride the bike. You’ll just kick yourself for not riding sooner. Laments are for old souls…

  5. What! Winter’s almost over? Someone around here didn’t get the memo as it was back to 10F again.

    You could always ride the Ural though it doesn’t make any vroom, vroom sounds. Just clicks and thunks….

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