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Will Ride for Diners

One of my favorite simple pleasures is to hop on my motorcycle, ride to a diner and eat some grub. Breakfast is always a winner, even at dinnertime. Here in the northeast, we’ve got...


Kane’s Donuts: A Ride to Eat Destination

Kane’s Donuts was on my must-visit list for years! When the alarm clock sounded its horrible racket at 4:30 on Saturday morning, what would normally be met with an all-encompassing desire to smash it...


Ride to Eat: Online Resources for Trip Planning and Good Eats

Photograph from the Martindale Chief Diner on Route 23 in Craryville, NY off of the Taconic Parkway. When it comes to riding, the activity is its own reward. But, when the route moves you past a place the tickles your taste buds, well that just sweetens the deal. For some it’s a great piece of pie or maybe a fabulous burger for others it’s the lure of a triple-decker grilled cheese. Whatever your guilty food pleasure may be there are great online resources that are sure to make your mouth water and get you out on the road!


Walter’s Hotdog Stand

Along Palmer Avenue in Mamaroneck, NY sits a pagoda that has been servin’ up split hotdogs since 1928. Walter’s Hotdogs has been in business since 1919, so they must be doing something right. We...


Modern Snack Bar – Aquebogue, NY

Mmmm.. the Modern Snack Bar. Aside from their deliciously kitschy sign, the pie is amazing. Can i get an AMEN for pie?! Is that not the best sign in town? So Modern. So Snack-y....


All American Burger

Dear All American Burger, In exchange for your delicious, grease-laden, double-double, cheesy, foilpaper wrapped goodness I offer you my arteries and my ever expanded buttocks and thighs. I love thee. Oh how I love...