Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

This winter has really been an excellent one for riding here on Long Island. We haven’t gotten any snow to speak of and the temperatures have been mild.

Triumph Tiger in East Hampton

I feel sad for the folks who have to store their motorcycles for the winter. Hang in there… spring is on the way.

While out enjoying the un-wintery weather this week, my travels took me through the town of East Hampton, which was the first English settlement in New York. I stopped and walked through the cemetery there.

Tomb of Lion Gardiner

Having seen it several times from across the fence, I wanted to get a closer look at the tomb of Lion Gardiner. Descendants of Lion still own Gardiner’s Island now 400 years later.

The art found in cemeteries can really be beautiful.

5 Replies to “Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29”

  1. We have a really old cemetary and I keep thinking of going through just to look at the statuary. It will have to be on a bright sunny day, so it’s not so gloomy.

  2. I had no idea the Gardiner’s had such a long history out here! That is really cool to see a monument of him wearing full armor I never thought that era really existed on Long Island. Very very cool!

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