Day 11: For A Minute There, I Was Almost Cool – #29in29

Day 11: For A Minute There, I Was Almost Cool – #29in29

The weather was cold but the sun was shining while I was on the ferry.

Tiger on the Ferry

When the man that takes the fare walked toward me, our eyes met and there was some spark of recognition that passed between us. His smile was handsome. He carried the air of a man who worked outside with his hands – tall, tough and rugged.

“Boy, you’re a brave soul,” he said looking into my eyes.  

I was feeling pretty swell about this exchange with such a good looking guy. It felt like flirting. At least that’s how I remember flirting feeling. I smiled back and said, “Yeah, I’m plugged in. It’s really quite nice out.”

As soon as the words left my lips and pooled into the winter air, the corners of his smile pulled in and faded ever so slightly. “Oh. You’re plugged in. That isn’t very hardcore is it?” he said.

Sonofa! 😆

8 Replies to “Day 11: For A Minute There, I Was Almost Cool – #29in29”

  1. Rachel – YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF COOL – plugged or unplugged! Just being out on a winter day makes you hardcore in my books. I bet if he rides he is the type of dude who doesn’t take his bike out in the winter and if he does he freezes his nerts off, so whats so cool about frozen nerts? I dunno about you, but I am a comfort queen and I will use anything to keep me enjoying my ride. Rock on Sista friend. YOU ARE the AMAZING FUZZYGALORE he just didn’t know who he was talking too. <3

  2. I love how quickly people change their attitude when you mention heated gear. As if, suddenly, they would be rocking 500 mile days in 30 degree weather.
    I used to be one that mocked folks in heated gear, until I tried heated gear. Now, I just ride more often…FTW 🙂

  3. HAHA! That’s priceless..(haah). I am with OG, before I bought my gear I was riding in the cold and being miserable. Now I’m riding and feeling fine…and my friends who don’t have heated gear are complaining about not being able to ride. I say even riding in heated gear is RIDING…so enjoy!!! You ROCK!!!

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