Don’t You Love Riding in the Autumn Weather?

Don’t You Love Riding in the Autumn Weather?

Riding in the fall weather here in the northeast is so nice. The changing leaves make for a beautiful backdrop as you twist and turn through the countryside.

I managed to squeak out a few hundred miles over the weekend under a canopy of green, yellow and red leaves. While out, I stumbled across this sign with a heart spray painted on it. Seeing as how I am always on the look-out for love, it was like someone put it there just for me!

I love the twists and turns

How About You?

How was your ride this weekend? Did you go anywhere interesting?

6 Replies to “Don’t You Love Riding in the Autumn Weather?”

  1. Yup, the weather here right now is perfect. Not too hot, not too cool, and the leaves are starting to turn pretty colors.

    One of the things I love about this region, which you touch on, are the “canopies” of tree branches: they make you feel like you’re traveling in nature, not apart from it.

    1. Yes! You definitely do not get that same “connectedness” to the environment when you’re traveling by car.

      If only these beautiful leaves would last just a litttttttle longer….

  2. Here in FL the weather was nice for a couple days, now it seems to be climbing again… but the weather will be perfect to ride here in a bit. Cant wait.

  3. I actually got both bikes out this weekend!! I rode to bridgehampton on the Duc on saturday for some BBQ. Then on Sunday I took the DRZ out for 2 hours or so on the dirt. Short rides but both were a lot of fun! I got contacts too and finally got to see how great it is to ride without glasses again!

  4. Being in upstate NY I know just what your sayin. Fall around here sure is beautiful, but all too short. A couple weeks back I got out to, AND ON Mt Washington on a rare and spectacular day. In fact I was coming through Smugglers Notch in Stowe, Vt. when I saw a guy and girl pulled over on 108. She was riding a red Tiger, and I doubled back thinking it may have been you. It wasn’t, but you probably already know that 🙂 Winter Well.

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