Tales of the Reluctant Farkler – Adjustable Windscreen Edition

My big complaint about the Tiger has always been that there is a lot of wind noise coming off the front end at highway speeds. After a long day out on the road the din borders on maddening even with earplugs stuffed into my earholes.

For normal people, putting an adjustable windscreen on their Tiger would be viewed as strictly a good thing. Me? I see it as a clear signal that I’m getting old.

You could say that I am a reluctant farkler. Hopefully this new Palmer bracket will help with the racket as I continue hurtling towards the abyss of middle age.

palmer adjustable windscreen bracket

Tomes of information written by people much smarter than me regarding what should be done about the Tiger’s buffeting issues are available everywhere. Tall screen, short screen, something to alleviate the pocket of air that forms behind the screen, yadda yadda yadda. 

My approach to this issue? Let my husband Kenny figure it out while I do something fun instead. That’s one of the benefits of having the same model motorcycle.

Now I just have to get out and put some hard fast miles down to see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Up next, I review orthopedic riding boots and mom-jean riding pants! :-p


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10 Responses

  1. polarbear says:

    I have been riding with an M2R Nemesis Offroad helmet.. The Stabilizer/ Shark fin looking thing really got rid of the buffeting on my Tiger..
    You might try riding the Tiger with an offroad helmet just to see if it helps you.. What I find is the really problem, is the distance from head to screen is too far, resulting in air turbulence in front of you


  2. eric kindley says:

    Or you could wear Kevlar pajama pants lol. Great article

  3. Trobairitz says:

    Good luck with the windscreen. Hubby has had no luck with the 3 screens he has tried on his Tiger. He may have to try Polar Bear’s trick one day.

    This is one of the reasons I’ve refused to put a windscreen on Max even though people have urged me to. And by people I mean Bobskoot. 🙂

  4. RichardM says:

    Looking forward to the orthopedic riding boot post 😉

    Over the weekend, I raised the height of the front end with some spacers in the forks. The wind noise completely vanished. I had played around with the windshield for years and couldn’t get it to go away and now, completely gone!
    And if you don’t like the abyss don’t even think about what’s on the other side.

  5. Anthony says:

    I had to laugh a bit at your post Fuzzy, as it wasn’t that long ago that I struggled with similar dramas with the Vstrom…..fast forward to now and I’m rocking an open face helmet on a Softail with 12 inch ape hangers (soon to be 16 inch with 2 inch risers)…..between the noise of the engine/exhaust and wind noise from my helmet I’m copping hearing trauma every time I ride…… But the upside is i look cool doing it 🙂

  6. bob skoot says:


    I view a windshield as a safety item. It stops rocks, debris, sand and other stuff from hitting your eyes. Rocks can be bullets as they are shot out of truck tires.

    Old Age has nothing to do with it, AND you are still refreshingly young

    Riding the Wet Coast

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