Village Diner on Route 6 – Milford, Pennsylvania

After many years of passing the Village Diner on Route 6 in Milford, Pennsylvania and not stopping, I finally did it. I stopped in for breakfast on a late-summer morning in ’23. The experience was everything I’d hoped and I will be stopping in again.

The Village Diner on Route 6 in Milford, Pennsylvania

Belly up to the counter, I sat alone, quietly eating a delicious omelette and listening to the unique hustle and bustle and conversations that occur in a place that is equal parts a local hotspot and a travelers respite.

A traditional diner is a unique and wonderful experience which beats the pants off of any chain restaurant. Theres nothing finer than breakfast at the diner. You can quote me on that.

Inside The Village Diner on Route 6 in Milford, Pennsylvania
the neon sign outside of The Village Diner on Route 6 in Milford, Pennsylvania and a Yamaha FZ07 motorcycle parked in front of it

Village Diner
268 Route 6 and 209
Milford, PA 18337


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4 Responses

  1. bob b says:

    A real slice a America. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lowell says:

    Rachel, another interesting article and photos, thanks for posting. That reminds me of a time back in 2004 (wow, 20 years ago!) before I retired I had brought my lunch, but around 11:00 I decided that I would rather have a good burger someplace and hopped into my car and took off. I ended up someplace I’ve been wanting to try ever since they opened a few months earlier; the “Welcome Diner” in Phoenix. The burger and fries were delicious! And I went there many times again for lunch and breakfast.

    The Welcome Diner was an original Arthur Valentine diner and only seated 9 at one time, smaller than the one you wrote about. This particular one started out in Los Angeles in the 1930s, eventually came to Arizona and was up in Williams for many years, then came to Phoenix where it pretty much sat empty for 20 years until it opened in 2004. They also had homemade ice cream. I have great memories of that place.

    And when I was a kid back in Indiana there was a place called the Trolley Inn, down by the Ohio River. It was an old trolley car of course, long gone by now.

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