Thunderbird Restaurant Sign – Mt. Carmel, Utah

Yamaha MT07 motorcycle parked on the roadside in zion national park

Leaving Zion, I followed Route 9 east to the Route 89 junction. At the “T” of that intersection is the Thunderbird Restaurant. Unfortunately I wasn’t hungry at all and didn’t sample their food, but I did take a turn around the gift shop. Most of all, I was drawn in by their fantastic neon sign.

“Thunderbird Restaurant – Home of the Ho-made Pies”:

thunderbird restaurant neon sign during the day in mt. carmel, utah

While I was milling around outside, getting ready to leave, a couple who were a good twenty years older than me were snapping a photo of the wife pointing to the sign. They were giggling and laughing about the “Ho-made pies.” It filled my heart with hope for the future to hear some older folks being gloriously childish.

thunderbird restaurant neon sign during the day in mt. carmel, utah

This Instagram post has a view of it lit up at night. Isn’t it wonderful?


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  1. bob b says:

    Thanks for sharing. There is something warm and inviting about neon that LED signs will never duplicate, IMO. Bob

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