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Ride to Eat: Tuesday Night Supper Club – Burgerology

Ride to Eat: Tuesday Night Supper Club – Burgerology

Burgerology – My Favorite Degree!

On Tuesday nights, I try to meet up with friends to get out and get some air on the bikes. This usually involves a little riding, a little eating, lots of laughing and shit-talking. Burgerology in Huntington was a perfect fit.

yamaha fz07 in huntington new york

Here on Long Island, we have tons of places that now offer outside dining. It’s unfortunate that it took a pandemic to push us in this direction, but I’m happy we’re here. We’ve been sorely lacking a thriving outdoor cafe culture for far too long.

Burgerology now offers sidewalk seating!

burgerology huntington new york

Now, I’m not usually one for posting food photos (donuts don’t count) but this mac & cheese bacon burger on a pretzel bun with truffle fries was really good and I thought you should know about it ๐Ÿ™‚

burgerology mac and cheese burger huntington new york

The burger was so good in fact, that when I spotted it on the menu and said so out loud, someone immediately copied me and ordered the same thing.

As is my right by the ancient laws of restaurant dining, I made sure to tell the waiter that I saw it first and that I was indeed being copied. The waiter, caring deeply with every fiber in his soul, looked at me sympathetically. Or, it might have been the look of who gives a shit? It was dark out.

baby yoda mural in huntington new york

As if the Mac & Cheese burger weren’t enough of a reason to hit this place up ~ on the back-side of the Burgerology building, there is a knockout mural painted by Andaluz the Artist, featuring Baby Yoda holding a cheeseburger. Does it get any better than this?

Amazing food, great artwork and a ride on your motorcycle? A win all the way around!

baby yoda burgerology yamaha fz07 in huntington

Not only did my order get copied, but this guy cockblocked my photo opportunity! Man, with friends like this… ๐Ÿ˜€

PHOTO: Sightseeing on my Yamaha FZ07 in DUMBO

PHOTO: Sightseeing on my Yamaha FZ07 in DUMBO

Yamaha FZ07 with the Manhattan bridge in the Background

On Sunday morning I set off on the bike early for a little expedition around Brooklyn. You know, just a little sightseeing. While I am not much of a “city person” there are aspects of it that I find visually stimulating. The challenge for me is that I don’t like being around lots of people. For a place as bustling as New York City? That can be problematic.

Getting up and getting out while most of the world is still asleep on a Sunday morning gives you the perfect opportunity to linger in typically crowded spaces, unbothered.

Having a motorcycle to navigate a still-sleeping city can make quick work of things.

But, as great as a motorcycle is around NYC, there are moments when I’ve wished I was on a bicycle instead of a motorcycle. A bike has even more of a small go-everywhere-with-me footprint. As a result of living in Queens years ago and having my car stolen, Iโ€™m on the paranoid side of leaving my motorcycle unattended and out of my sight. I never stray far or long from where Iโ€™ve left it.

I am a cliche

On of the places I stopped on my early morning rideabout was probably one of the most instagrammed spots in Brooklyn – the corner of Water and Washington streets in DUMBO. Even at the early hour I was there, I had to shoot around other people taking photos of the Manhattan Bridge.

In that moment that I stood there taking everything in, I felt both wholly unoriginal and at the same time, a little in love with the view of the bridge framed by the brick buildings. It really was a lovely sight in the cool morning glow.

See it for yourself

If you want to take in the view for yourself:

Dumbo – Manhattan Bridge View
39-21 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Google Maps

I’ve Been Training for This My Whole Life!

I’ve Been Training for This My Whole Life!

In many ways, I’ve always viewed motorcycling as something that is done alone, together. Or just alone. Either way, it has always been an activity in which I exist inside my own little bubble for even when in the company of other riders.

Yamaha FZ07 in Port Jefferson, New York - Long Island

Perhaps that’s why the idea of social distancing hasn’t entirely cramped my ability to get outside and do stuff. I can still ride around and look at things, maybe snaps some pics the way that I normally would.

The nature of my movements has generally been socially distant for many years now. I don’t like people in my personal space, or having them touch me, I don’t like crowds, and I feel best with a helmet on. It isn’t hard for me to keep people 6-feet away at all. Finally, my years of training with social anxiety pay off! ๐Ÿ˜€

While I do get out on day rides, I’m not really interested in traveling and staying in hotels and whatnot, right now. So, that is a little bit of a change for me this year. I don’t foresee wanting to head off on a rideabout this fall or getting on a plane to ride somewhere else. While I’m not happy with the world’s circumstances in general, I’m happy with my choice.

Luckily, I did squeeze in a trip to California to ride around and do SoCal Supermoto School riiiiiight before the pandemic broke loose. That was a great trip. I’m grateful to at least have gotten a little bit of a travel-fix.

While the world is seemingly imploding, I’m still able to find happiness and enjoyment when I’m riding my motorcycle.

Motorcycles – they’re good for you.

How’s things goin’ with you?

Motorcycle Drive-by: Ghost Signs

Motorcycle Drive-by: Ghost Signs

When I am out exploring the world on my motorcycle, Ghost Signs are some of my favorite sights. Their nostalgic nod to a bygone era fills me with a sense of innocence and direct simplicity. They stir up feelings of missing a place and time that I never even knew.

Enjoy these blog posts about Ghost Signs

Hunting Ghosts: Uneeda Biscuit and Gold Medal Flour

On a July day in 2017, I spent the afternoon riding around Troy, New York looking for ghosts. What I discovered was that I needed a biscuit. And some… flour?

uneeda biscuit ghost sign and triumph bonneville in troy new york
Uneeda Biscuit …and a Bonnevlle in Troy, New York

2017 in Review: Photos of Great Ghost Signs Seen in My Travels

In 2017, I did a fair bit of bumming around on the bike. I found myself in places like West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Each state is home to some terrific ghost signs.

mail pouch tobacco ghost sign point pleasant west virginia
Mail Pouch Tobacco ghost ad in Point Pleasant, West Virginia – Home of the Mothman!

Roadside Snaps: Mail Pouch Tobacco Barns and Signs

A handful of Mail Pouch Tobacco and Block Brothers snaps seen in 2015.

Mail Pouch Tobacco Ghost Sign from Carnegie Pennsylvania
Block Brothers ghost ad uncovered in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Motorcycle Drive-by: In Case You Missed It Series

Sometimes blog posts get buried with time. This post is part of a throwback series to introduce or reintroduce you to things you might have missed.

Thanks for reading!

D*Face – Artist and Motorcycle Rider

D*Face – Artist and Motorcycle Rider

A few weeks ago, I published a post that featured images of a mural by D*Face, which I had seen while riding through the city of Richmond, Virginia.

D*Face in Richmond

d*face mural richmond virginia nothing lasts forever

The 2015 mural features the phrase Nothing Lasts Forever. Is there any greater truth than that?

D*Face mural - richmond virginia - nothing lasts forever
richmond mural project sign at d*face mural

D*Faceโ€™s personal style and iconography resonate with me. It has elements of visually carrying the Roy Lichtenstein torch into the future.

D*Face in Las Vegas

On New Yearโ€™s Eve-eve in 2016, I was on a motorcycle trip that brought me into Las Vegas for a few nights. It was then that I also saw one of his murals, 2014’s Love Forever at Freemont and 7th St. while I was walking around a very rainy downtown Las Vegas.

D*face love forever mural in las vegas nevada arts district

D*Face in Brooklyn

D*Face mural as part of Coney Art Walls in Coney Island, Brooklyn – Date with Death, from 2018:

D*FACE mural at Coney Art Walls - Coney Island Brooklyn

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, the grounds where the walls are on display is closed off. I had to shoot a photo through a chainlink fence.

DFACE mural in Bushwick Brookyln - Till Death Do us Part

In August and September, while on excursions around Brooklyn, I also saw the 2016 D*Face mural Till Death Do Us Part at the corner of Wyckoff Ave & Troutman in Bushwick, and 2018’s Save the World in Greenpoint on Eagle St & McGuinness at the end of the Pulaski Bridge.

D*Face Kaspersky Lab Mural - Save the world Greenpoint Brooklyn
DFace collab with Kaspersky Lab - Mural - Save the world Greenpoint Brooklyn

It’s a bummer to see tags painted over the pieces.

Motorcycle & Car Collabs

While researching the artist and his works on his website, I read about his collaboration with Triumph Motorcycles. It turns out the artist is also a motorcycle rider. Double win! Incredible artist and motorcyclist.

DFace trumph motorcycle collaboration
Image Source:

I knew I liked that guy ๐Ÿ™‚

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