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Hey, Tiger! Good to See You Again

Hey, Tiger! Good to See You Again

A Tuesday Night Date with an Old Friend

Last night, being Tuesday and all, I went out for tacos with the fellas. It was the first time that I took the ole Tiger for a ride in a long while.

I’ve spent all of my time on the FZ07 this year. And last year, I was committed to the Bonneville. The poor just Tiger slumbered silently, collecting dust.

When I first swung my leg over the big girl, everything felt HUGE. I couldn’t thoughtlessly maneuver it the way I can the FZ or the Bonnie. Instead I tippy-toed trying to manage its top heavy bulk.

With the no-speed maneuvering around the garage handled, I set off to the taco rendezvous point.

fuzzygalore's triumph tiger 1050 in port jefferson
My 2011 Triumph Tiger 1050 in Port Jefferson

Well, That Escalated Quickly!

Let’s just say, I got there… quickly.

The Tiger is quiet, strong and comfortable. Once moving everything feels so easy. So much so that I wondered why everyone was driving so slowly on the Expressway. It was because I was effortlessly propelled to triple digits without any fuss or noise.

Realizing my error I rolled off the throttle and slowed my pace. Oopsie!

I forgot the reasons why I love this bike since I’ve been dazzled by the noise and tiny fury of the FZ07.

It was good to catch up with my old friend.

7 Problems Women Motorcyclists Will Understand

7 Problems Women Motorcyclists Will Understand

Being a woman rider has its perks, but there are also some annoying problems that come along with it. Maybe men go through similar things, but well, I wouldn’t know!

Here are a few problems that I’ve run in to. Can you relate?

Those boots are awesome!

Too bad they don’t come in your size.

forma boots

Men don’t realize how good they have it with motorcycle boot selection. Particularly in the sport riding genre. Sure, there are women-specific, fully-featured sport boots available, but the choices are significantly fewer than what’s available for dudes.

Many men’s premium sport-style boots could be considered unisex when they offer smaller sizes. But, smaller often means that they start their sizes at 39 or 40, leaving ladies with little tootsies in the lurch.

Luckily, I can wear a 39 or 40 depending on the brand, so I have more options than some women do. But actually finding my size readily stocked and available can be another matter.

Hey, I’m going to run over to [insert local shop here] and try on some jackets!

Just kidding. They don’t have anything in my size.

I get it. Most places can’t afford to stock all sizes and styles for all bodies, especially when online shopping takes such a bite out of their sales. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

Having to buy expensive garments is a commitment. When you’re going to spend upwards of $300 on something, not having access to try things on is disappointing. I’ve got a Cycle Gear and a few dealers within a half-hour from home, but they NEVER have anything in my size or style.

Boob sweat – it’s a thing

fuzzygalore ice pack

Summer in a motorcycle jacket is hot. Everywhere.

When ya gotta go

You’ll probably end up having to hold it for a while

you cant pee for free sign

Full disclosure: I’m not an adventurous pee-er. I’ve never developed the ability to scurry behind some bushes or opt for a funnel-type device to find sweet relief. Granted, I’m never really out in the backcountry, either. No, I’m an indoor plumbing kinda girl.

The state of public restrooms here in the good ole US of A can be pretty abysmal. I’ve walked in and immediately out of some filthy spots. While I’m out riding around, the places I most frequent are gas stations. These can be hit or miss on cleanliness and paper stock. Large chains like Wawa, Sheetz, or QuikChek are usually pretty good. But some rinky-dink station with a key chained to a plank of wood that requires you to go around the back of the building? Bad times.

Ugh, don’t even get me started on the porta-potties.

It isn’t uncommon for me to find myself holding out for longer than I probably should because I’m a bathroom princess.

OMG, I can’t even.

my boyfriends bike meme

Seriously, STFU.

See also:

  • Isn’t that a big bike for a little girl like you?
  • Wow, you rode that here by yourself?
  • You ride pretty good for a girl.

Oh, you like our men’s gear? We make a version for women, too!

But, without all of the high-end bells and whistles.

fuzzygalore klim altitude pants

For cryin’ out loud, why can’t all of the awesome features be equivalent on top of the range items for men and women? Things like: arm and leg cinching straps, vents, knee puck velcro patches, and functional pockets.

Pockets! Tell me what good a single slash pocket that can only hold my chapstick is on a pair of adventure pants. I mean, c’mon!

If the men’s high-end adventure pants have calf-level velcro straps to tighten the legs up a bit, why wouldn’t you think that the women’s equivalent would benefit from the same?

When You’re a Stranger – Following Me Home Isn’t Cute

It’s Frickin’ Creepy

fuzzygalore's triumph bonneville

Why a stranger would follow another motorcyclist to a residential area is beyond me. I’m not sure what the expected outcome is, but the reality is that it creeps people out.

Not only have I had someone follow me to my driveway, but last year I had a man in his car follow me to talk about my Bonneville. Both of those situations turned out fine, but the opportunity for them to go badly is clearly apparent.

On a less creepy but still unusual note, a couple of weeks ago, a man whom I spoke to briefly several years ago at a bagel shop 25 miles from home, recognized me. He spotted me from behind, in my work clothes and different color hair, while I stood at my mailbox. He turned his motorcycle around and came back to talk to me as I walked up my driveway.

If he knew where I lived, maybe it wouldn’t seem so odd. But placing me so far away from the spot in which we met, and looking rather differently makes it seem less likely.

When we’d met, I was dressed in my riding gear and I wore a baseball hat. I still don’t know how he recognized me. I didn’t recognize him but did recall the conversation we’d had when he reminded me.

How about you?

Do you find yourself having lady motorcyclist problems? Comment below.

5 Lessons Learned Traveling by Motorcycle

5 Lessons Learned Traveling by Motorcycle

There is no substitute for experience

Lessons learned traveling by motorcycle are myriad! When it comes to motorcycle trips, there are so many things that you discover by experience. Each ride teaches you something about what you will or won’t need for the next time around.

These are a few of the lessons I’ve learned while traveling by motorcycle.

You don’t really need all those clothes.

If you road trip anything like me, you spend all day on the bike and arrive at a hotel somewhere around dinner time. After settling in, having a shower, and decompressing from a day in motion – there’s little time left to eat something and check-in with family before you’re ready to conk out and start the process over again the following day.

You wear the same riding gear every day with just the base layers beneath it that need rotation. If you’re a smart packer who chooses fast drying and versatile garments, you just don’t need to pack all that much. All that extra stuff creates weight and aggravation as you unpack/repack throughout the trip.

triumph bonneville in virginia on a a road trip - Lessons Learned Traveling by Motorcycle

When I first started going away, I overpacked with “what if” clothing. Oh, but what if I go out a nice restaurant in town? What if I go to the bar? I wonder if the Queen is visiting? Those thoughts were all because I didn’t really know what sort of a traveler I was yet. I usually came home with lots of unworn items.

As you get to know yourself and grow more comfortable in your own skin, you realize that you’re probably more interested in going to sleep than going to a bar after you’ve been riding all day. Those fanciful “what if” cardigans and such don’t even make a blip on your radar anymore.

Wash and wear. Wear again. Athleisure for the win. This is riding, not a fashion show.

No, there isn’t cell signal everywhere.

I am a part of the last generation to exist in a time before the cellphone became as ubiquitous as wearing pants. Can you even imagine? People moved through the world without immediately knowing stuff or taking selfies.

or taking selfies.

natural bridge dinosaur statue

Yes, boys and girl, we went places and saw things and NO ONE knew about it until we got our film developed – sometimes weeks later. I’m talking about some real caveman shit.

With cell technology so prevalent in our lives, especially those of us who live around major metropolitan areas, it’s easy to get lulled into the idea that there is cell service everywhere. There isn’t. Even here in the big ole US of A.

Knowing this, I wince when people tell me they are going to only use their cellphone for navigation. My experiences have taught me to have a paper map, a GPS and a cellphone when I’m out long-distance traveling. Each one of these options has its own point of failure. Why limit yourself to having only one arrow in your quiver?

I should be able to make it; an idiotic classic.

Mm-mm. [shakes head]

Ya know? This is just one of those things you have to learn from experience. And even then, it might take you a few times of sweating with your eye on the gas gauge before it really sinks in.

If you think you “might” have enough gas to make it and you see a gas station? Just stop and fill up!

triumph tiger in death valley - Lessons Learned Traveling by Motorcycle

Listen, you aren’t in that much of a hurry that you can’t stop. Besides, you’re really gonna be pressed for time if you have to push your bike somewhere or have to wait around for help.

Any traveler with a couple-two-three trips under their belt has probably made all sorts of bargains with the universe if it would just let them make it to the next town before the last fumes of gas evaporate. I know I’ve said a few “thank Gods” as station appeared on the horizon.

The spare key to my heart.

Are you a forgetful dumb-dumb like me?

Have you ever torn a hotel room apart looking for your key because you put it down in a “special” place where you wouldn’t forget it, instead of putting it in the regular place you always put it?

Have you ever had your key stick to the magnet on the bottom of your tank bag (see: the last place on Earth you’d look) as you go through your stuff like the Tasmanian Devil searching for it?

Well, friends? Have I got news for you! That extra key they give you for your motorcycle is made for just such occasions. I like to wear mine around my neck when road tripping because I am a complete idiot.

triumph tiger on a road trip in pennsylvania

Be brave, not stupid.

There is a difference between being brave and just being stupid. We all have moments when faced with something new or unknown in which we hesitate before proceeding. And then there are moments when the little voice inside is shouting, “STOP!”

Standing on the Grimsel pass with the Furka pass in the background

Listen to that inner voice when it comes to dealing with people, environments, lodging, weather, navigation, whether or not you should eat or drink something. Keeping you safe is its job.

Being brave or stepping beyond your comfort zone doesn’t mean you have to abandon all good sense. Your intuition will usually steer you in the right direction. After all, no one knows you better than you.

Never stop learning.

Every trip, every ride can teach you something useful. Pay attention to the things that keep you comfortable and content, and try to find solutions for the things that don’t. Never stop exploring.

How about you?

Do you have any lessons learned from traveling by motorcycle to share?

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Motorcycles in Bed

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Motorcycles in Bed

Please don’t eat motorcycles, m’kay?

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. For example, I might consult an online content topic generator to help me stick with the practice of writing something every day. And you might need to know why you shouldn’t eat motorcycles in bed. What we have ourselves here is a win-win situation.

Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t eat motorcycles in bed.

They’re like, dirty and stuff

You never really think you are going to have to explain to your kid that they shouldn’t stick their tongue through the grill of an oscillating fan after they’ve spent the last 5 minutes singing into it. Wrongly, you assume that the consequences should be obvious.

I feel similarly about eating motorcycles in bed. I mean, clearly, they’re going to get dirt everywhere. And so help me, if my favorite purple throw pillow gets messed up I will cut a bish.

The bed is no place for that kind of filth.

don't eat motorcycles they're dirty

Motorcycles are so filling

Let’s say I eat my FZ07 tonight. I’ll be tipping the scales with an extra 400lbs when I wake up.

When the alarm goes off, and all of those delicious motorcycle parts from the night before are ready to abandon ship – I’ll be trapped under the covers by my newly-found heft.

Listen. No one wants to accidentally poop a turn signal in their bed because they’re too fat to get up. No one.

don't eat motorcycles they're really filling

You’ll miss your sweet baboo

You know? The most important reason why you shouldn’t eat your motorcycle in bed, or anywhere else for that matter, is because you would miss it once it’s gone. A moment on the lips, a lifetime of regret on the hips.

Just think of all of the excellent rides and happy moments you would miss out on. It would never be worth it.

Have a banana instead. They’re good for you.

don't eat motorcycles - you'll miss them once they're gone
Motorcycles Can Help With Unanswered Questions

Motorcycles Can Help With Unanswered Questions

Serendipity to the rescue. Again.

Sometimes the planets align just right and deliver an answer to a question that you may have long since forgotten to keep asking. I love it when that happens.

While scrolling through Instagram the other day, I saw this photo set posted by @Mototourers:

As soon as I saw the location it was posted from, the wheels started turning: Bethel, New York? That’s day ride range. Maybe I should go check that out.


After looking through the photos and reading the caption, I landed on the ZacMax website. There I found the answer to a question I’ve had since 2016 – who or what was this:

Fuzzygalore ZacMax Statue

In the summer of 2016, we were on our way home from a weekend of riding in Hancock, NY. We’d stopped in a gas station in the town of Liberty. This guy just happened to be lurking in the bushes.

From this brief encounter, I never found out whether this was a mascot, a known character, or a funky piece of art from a local. That is… until this week.

And sure, maybe knowing the answer to something like this is trivial. But even so, that feeling of not knowing something was quelled. That’s a relief.

Fuzzygalore Riding KTM 690 Enduro Dirt Road - Hancock, NY

I’d like to believe that if I just keep riding around, the answers to all of my unanswered questions will make themselves known. Nothin’ to do but just keep trying to figure it all out.

Keep riding, exploring, asking questions, discovering answers.

Hopefully, I’ll get to the bottom of those pancakes one day.

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