Winter Wandering: Two Mail Pouch Ghost Signs – Lisbon, Ohio

This winter I’ve made it a point to not languish at home and to get out and do some roadtripping. Even though everything here on the east coast is freezing cold, salty, and snowy, there are still plenty of things to get out and see in the car. Plus, I happen to love my car so it’s fun. I throw on some podcasts, and write an imaginary book in my mind as the miles tick by.

My most recent wanderings had me dipping my toes into Ohio. I didn’t really expect to be there, but such is the mystery of wandering. Something will cross your path or tug you in an unexpected direction. It isn’t uncommon for me to pop open something I pinned to my Google Map and see that it’s “not that far” and the day takes shape as I roll along.

A small point of note: sometimes I don’t know where I’m going but I always know when it’s time to start heading back home. My invisible tether knows when I’ve reeled out far enough.

repainted mail pouch tobacco advertising wall sign in lisbon ohio and a white audi allroad station wagon parked on the street
Lisbon, Ohio – 2024

Though my map is littered with pins for things and places that I hope to visit one day, it is those serendipitous discoveries that really tickle my fancy. It sounds silly to say it, but it almost feels like they are presents just for me… even though they exist wherever they are, day in, day out. (Talk about self absorbed, huh?)

Slowly tooling around Lisbon, Ohio was just such a case. This repainted Mail Pouch wall sign jumped out and waved for me to come and check it out. Having no idea it existed, I was happy to oblige.

a very faded mail pouch tobacco ghost sign on a brick building in lisbon ohio
Lisbon, Ohio – 2014

While standing on the corner snapping a few photos, I noticed another Mail Pouch ghost ad along the roofline of a building across the street. It was so faded but there were some telltale signs of it’s origin. You can make out the fade of the actual mail pouch image that was used across their advertising like the one below in Carnegie, Pa. And then, just above that, the Bloch Bros. lettering.

a mail pouch tobacco wall sign or ghost sign in carnegie pennsylvania
Carnegie, Pennsylvania – 2015

If you’re living through winter too, I hope you’re finding things to keep you busy until the sand, salt and cold are but a distant memory.

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