Cubanola Cigar & Ceresota Flour Ghost Sign Combo – Montrose, Pennsylvania

very faded cubanola cigar ghost sign on montrose pennsylvania

Though most of the coloring is gone and what we’re left with is a very faded wisp of a ghost, the unmistakable block lettering banner and the faintest hint of blue of Cubanola Cigar can still be made out on the left portion of the sign. This was a serendipitous sighting as I pulled up to the traffic light in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

For reference, here is a much more vibrant Cubanola Cigar sign found in Radford, Virginia.

cubanola cigar ghost sign in radford, vidginia
Cubanola Cigars Ghost Sign – Radford, Virginia

To the right of the sign, you can also make out the Ceresota Flour wording as well as a reference to teas and coffee.

Admittedly, the photo that I snapped isnt very good. It was just a quick shot from the traffic light. But, in the interest of preservation and maybe helping someone who too is looking for such things, I thought I’d share the picture and the location. Time, the elements, and the march of “progress” aren’t always so kind to such pieces of history.


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