Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor – Roadside Giants

The stretch of Lincoln Highway which passes through Pennsylvania is a big tourism draw. The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor lists their mission as: “To inspire others to travel the 200-mile Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania, and learn how this one road changed America in 1913.” Dotted all along the route are enticements to stop; things like historical sites, murals, small towns, and roadside attractions.

One set of attractions, built specifically for the Highway are a set of five roadside giants. These giants are:

Driving along the Lincoln in Pennsylvania, these sights are like happy sentinels marking your place as you roll along.

Packard Car

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Packard Car - Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Greensburg, Pa – Google Maps

Gas Pump

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Giant Gas Pump - Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Latrobe, Pa – At The Lincoln Highway Experience – Google Maps


Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Quarter - Everett, Pennsylvania

It can be hard to judge the scale of these items, so here is the quarter with my Bonnie in the foreground:

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Quarter with Triumph Bonneville motorcycle in the foreground - Everett, Pennsylvania

Everett, Pa – Google Maps

Selden Truck

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Selden truck in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Chambersburg, Pa – Google Maps

Bicycle Built for Two

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Bicycle Built for Two - Stoyestown, Pennsylvania

Stoyestown, Pa – Google Maps

If you like your travels with a side of history, roadside attractions, and americana, the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor website has lots of good information to inspire your road trips.

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