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Car Photos: Ford GT at Marcus Dairy

Left the house at 6:45a… F-f-f-froze my fingers numb and headed off to Marcus Dairy for morning coffee. IPOD humming.. fingers throbbing.. still.. smiling. For my pop:

Cue the Locusts 1

Cue the Locusts

Okay, people. Batten down the hatches. The locusts are coming. The skies will run red with blood. Armageddon is upon us. The BK Broiler does the Wing Thing… ‘Does this thing make my butt...

Motomart 2


I rolled away from my garage at 5:20. The sky had not yet broken. The light was still tucked away behind the clouds that spat at me as I rolled along Sound Avenue towards...


Sometimes all is right with the world

Sometimes, sometimes all is right with the world. In a small encapsulated moment, even in the midst of a storm, you can find safety or refuge, someplace deep inside. Climb in. Shelter yourself. Tonight...


Riding Through the Winter Doldrums

The cold weather… its gotta go! Remind me of this when I am complaining about the heat and practically melting in mid-August. If there is one thing that I hate more than the cold,...


Come on already, spring!

You really know that you’ve really just about had it with cabin fever when dropping a bike off for service constitutes a ‘wow, that felt great’ ride. Come on already, spring! Sheesh. I guess...


And I ride along dreaming.

Tonight the wind pressed against my chest like a kiss, holding me up. I felt the damp on the air. You, humming along over my right shoulder bringing the sound of comfort. The low,...


A Visit to Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Got out for a quick 50 mile jaunt today. Temps holding steady at 40. Took a small trip to the Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Apparently, they say the place is haunted. Freezing cold on...


My New Triumph Speed Triple Bellypan

Firstly – Thanks to everyone who has sent me so many nice emails & such. You know, I really smile when i read them. I’m sorry I’m such a pooh when it comes to...


Wyoming – Yellowstone May 20 – May 29

Since returning back from Deal’s Gap last summer, we kicked around what we would do this year for our trip. Romantically, you can fall in love with the road and you just want to go, go, go. Your head gets filled with fanciful ideas of things like, ” Hey, let’s ride across country!” We rolled out of my driveway at 5am on Friday May 20th heading off to points west in Wyoming.

Honeysuckle 0


Last Saturday, I was feeling a bit blue. More lonely than anything. I headed out into the heat around 3:00 and met Hotdog, my partner in crime, for a nice afternoon ride. We met...