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Riding Through the Funk

Some days I can wake up and feel like anything is possible. The world is just waiting for me to take a hold of it. Others? I can wake up and feel like a complete zero.

On those days when zero comes knocking, generally speaking I have the wherewithal to recognize what is happening. I try to work my way through those feelings. They aren’t ‘real.’ I know I’m not a nuthin’.

As an introvert, I enjoy spending time alone. However on days when I feel out of sorts, I find that I am often saddled with a loneliness. But, people become accepting and accustomed to your habits and your behavior – you can’t have everything. You can’t hold people at an arms length and then expect them to just jump when you want them to. As such – I find that I am faced with tackling my lonely moments head on. This usually involves some sort of distraction, something to take me away from the irrational thoughts that have my brain in a vise.

Motorcycles work wonders for these times.

You can be lost in your thoughts – irrational as they may be – but as the motor thrums and I move forward, I’m able to break through the funk and re-center. Maybe this is what people refer to as being in the moment? It can be hard to stay lost or be sad when you are on sensory overload.