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Milling Around at the top of Little Saint Bernard

Just before Kenny and I started our ascent up into the mountains on the Col du Petit St. Bernard, the wind picked up began to thrash the trees about. We were going to get wet.

This Alpine trip would be the first long term test in variable conditions of my astronaut suit – the ladies Klim Altitude jacket and pants. While Kenny hopped off of his bike and began to don his raingear, I sat smugly patting myself on the back that I didn’t have to do anything… except wait for him to put his raingear on.

My suit? It’s actually waterproof. *sniffle::wipes tear* GORETEX is so beautiful.

The two of us futzed around at the top of the Petit St. Bernard, watching cows on the hillside, bought some stickers and a postcard and debated how much further we’d travel for the day. With dinnertime lurking on the horizon, we decided to stop in the next town and find a place to stay for the night. Somehow we’d skipped eating lunch and neither of us drank enough during the day. It was time to pack it in.


Col du Petit St. Bernard on the Map:

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