Desperately Seeking Wind Therapy

Since I’d been awake from about 4:30am on Thursday morning, by the time Friday night rolled around my brain and my body said, “enough.” I went to bed around 10:30 and managed to stay there...


Deciding the Path of my Journey

  It’s the dark hours of Friday morning and I’ve been up all night again. Sometimes I have so much swirling around in my brain that it won’t let me sleep. These times can...


Daydreaming of Fireflies

A sunset in warmer days   Lately I’ve been visited by the idea of fireflies. Like a broken record, the word coupled with the image of a child standing in the grass at dusk comes over and...


Motorcycle Life: Living in the Space Between

When I think about something like a Muffler Man, a Futuro House, a Uniroyal Gal, visiting the thing itself is of course the payoff. Snapping photographs of their differences in comparison to others of...


Motorcycle Therapy: Scars of 7th Grade

My motorcycle is often a stand-in for a therapist. While riding home from work today, I was so deep in the clutches of memory that it seemed like I must’ve made it home on autopilot....


Reality Rears Its Ugly Head

Generally speaking, I spend most of my riding time riding alone. That means when I stop somewhere for a bite to eat because I’m not wrapped-up in talking to anyone, I often find myself eavesdropping...


The Most Dangerous Lie: I Can’t

When you’re thinking about traveling somewhere or visiting something do you mentally resort to leaving some things in the realm of fantasy? Almost as if to say to yourself, “Well, I could never do...


The Tangled Web of Bigfeet

Does anyone ever wake up in the morning, rub the sleep from their eyes, stretch and think… “I bet I’ll see Bigfoot today”? I’ve got 5-bucks on probably not. But that’s the funny thing about...


The Skies Over Carbondale

The rail said, “let there be light.” Then I whispered your name on the wind. Did it find its way into your heart? Did you know I was thinking about you?    


I’ve Gotta Bring My Own Sunshine

Hello, from foggy Long Island. For the past few months I’ve followed up with doctors on some nagging issues. Yesterday, my blood work pointed out that I have a serious vitamin D deficiency. I always...