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Sunday Ride: Soaking up the Autumn Light at the Beach

There is something especially beautiful about the morning light at this time of the year. I don’t know if it is the colors that get reflected from the trees and grass, the suns position in the sky or maybe it’s some special pixie dust on the air. It’s like a gift, but one you trade the warm weather for.

triumph tiger at captree state park

This morning, I hopped on the Tiger to head out towards the beach. Sometimes I just need to be near the water.

Though it is a pin straight road, I find something about Ocean Parkway so wonderful and relaxing. Riding along next to the reeds, the dunes, the ocean is just perfect.

I came from the western end of Ocean and rode its length out to Captree Park on the eastern side. There were no other cars, it was just me and my motorcycle thump… thump… thumping across the splits in the roadway pavement.

fuzz at captree park

There was no one else around when I pulled in and parked my bike at Captree. I walked over to a picnic table to take in the view. Most of the time when I go to the water I do nothing more than just to sit there, listening, watching sun glinting on the ripples of the surface.

squinting in the sun

The sun was so strong and the air so cool, I laid back on the table and closed my eyes. Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do.

Did you get out for a Sunday Ride today?

The Return of the Night Rider

The summer solstice came floating in on the breeze Friday night. The weather was cool. So much so that I wished I had a sweatshirt with me as my daughter Chloe and I watched the late sunset tiptoe over the water and on past the edge of the tree line.

long island sunset on the summer solstice

Following the longest day of the year came summer, all at once. We moved from sweatshirt-cool in the evening to hot and humid with the ever-present threat of a  rainstorm. Big blocky thunderheads have muscled their way into the skies in the late afternoons but haven’t done much other than look threatening.

On Monday evening the air was sticky. As the hour hand swept closer to the 9 on the clock, a light breeze finally began to blow. With the sun tucked in for the night and the air finally starting to cool it seemed the perfect time for a night ride.

I don’t pleasure ride after dark very often. They’re usually just around-town affairs or point to point trips. But sometimes? Sometimes you just need a little something to get a fix. With the heat of summer here to stay, so too comes the return of the night rider.

stony brook post office

As short as my night rides often are, they are awfully sweet. There is a sense of stillness and solitude that I don’t often find during the day when the world is in the grips of it’s hustle and bustle.

Familiar places look different out of the burn of the sun. Shadows and soft light cover everything. And the Ural? It sure makes it easy to slow things down, to relax and savor the night sky.

Summer night riding… <3

Life in the Slow Lane: Uraling Through Long Island’s Farms

If you aren’t familiar with Long Island you might be surprised to find that the eastern end has lots of farms and wineries dotting the landscape. Often during our rides we find ourselves pulled off on the side of the road, peering over a split rail fence at horses or stopping at a farm that has animals in pens or corrals.

long island horse farm

One of my favorite stops is Briermier Farms to get a homemade pie to bring home.  Mmm… strawberry rhubaaaaarb. Pies fit perfectly in the trunk of the Ural and actually make it home in one piece. Tres handy! 

pit stop at briermere farms

The Ural makes pulling on to any manner of shoulder – grassy, bumpy, muddy so easy I feel spoiled by it. It makes u-turning a speedy breeze, too. You know – for emergency situations like spotting a pen full of teeny goats just dying to be scratched. Or fed phone books and tin cans. I’m pretty sure they’ll take either.

mad goats mad goats

Though Chloe was completely in love with the little goats and a lamb, the itty-bitty calfs stole my heart.

sweet cow

They stole my heart …and tried to steal the snaps off of Chloe’s jacket.

mmm... snappy!

I kid you not – some lady walking behind us said to her kid, “Oh, look at the cute little deers!” Poor kid.

In keeping with the horse’s ass theme – I leave you with this little guy’s sweet patoot. His name is Timmy. I kept trying to talk to him and get him to raise his face to the camera but he wouldn’t look up and didn’t say much, he was… a little… horse.

timmy the little horse

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week.

The Ural Yamal Has Nothin’ On These Jaws!

The Motorcycle Key to My Success

Why is it that when I am riding my motorcycle – everything, all of my hopes and dreams, the direction I want to go in my life – those things are all crystal clear? When I’m riding my bike I’m a genius. No, make that a SUPER genius. A super genius with finely polished nails and skin that glimmers with pixie dust.  And when I smile? You actually hear the sound of a bell go *ting*.

Then I turn the key off and poof I’m a listless idiot sans sparkle again. Zero. Point. Zero.

my Tiger on Dune Rd

I think I just need to keep on riding. And riding. And riding…

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