Finding Art on the Royal Enfield

Finding Art on the Royal Enfield

While on a jaunt aboard the Royal Enfield, I stopped off to get a better look at some graffiti that I’ve been ‘meaning to stop at’ for at least a year.

Just think about all of the things that the person who painted that on the wall could have come up with – and this… this was it. Isn’t it ridiculously wonderful? 😀

The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.
-Pablo Picasso

royal enfield with graffiti

9 Replies to “Finding Art on the Royal Enfield”

  1. Okay, so it might be the beer talking, but… I like it. It isn’t rude; it isn’t political; it isn’t gansta’ (did I spell that right?). It is simple–a big snake in a little fish-pond (that is a snake, right?). And let’s be honest, can’t we all relate somehow? Often I feel like a little fish in a big snake-pond (there are snake-ponds, right?).

    As for graffiti, I (an appreciator, not an artist) think that my favorite canvas has always been the boxcar, the mobile museum–few know where it came from, few know where it’s headed. And when I’m on a bike, I love being the first stopped at a railroad crossing: I love the vibes, the rumbles and rattles, the frequent screeching wheel, the scene blurred.

    Yeah, it’s the beer talking.

    1. You just keep on beer-talkin’, my friend 😀

      You see a snake, i see some type of dinosaur. Which naturally… dwells with the fishes.

      Since this piece raises questions, makes you think and have a dialogue about it, does it officially qualify as “good art”? 🙂

      1. Ah, Fuzzy, I believe that you inadvertently (or not) answered your own, possibly rhetorical, question: There is no resolution to the discussion whether it is or isn’t “good” art, as “good” is a value judgement, subjective, varying from person to person. Yet it is proving to be effective art if a purpose of art is to promote discussion. Likely, effective art is remembered, at least for a while–ineffective art is quickly forgotten.

        I’d love to know if any in the non-Fuzzy community (Is there such a place? Poor folks.) are discussing this piece and what they might be saying about it.

        Oh, and I did spell that wrong, dammit… Beer-vision had convinced me that I’d put both ‘g’s in “gangsta'” when it ended up just with a pathetic one. Curse you beer-influence–you might be great at promoting philosophical and poetic thinking, but you’re horrible for handicapping judgement! (Now, what type of suds should I pair with dinner this evening?)

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