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Welcome to the Pig-Bus Nexus – Enjoy Your Stay

Welcome to the Pig-Bus Nexus – Enjoy Your Stay

A few weeks ago I wondered if once you see a pig car whether or not it opens up some type of channel for the universe to funnel other pig-related vehicles into your atmosphere.

Well? The universe made good. It randomly delivered me to another pig bus. The photo isn’t so hot because I had to snap it from a traffic light but – there it was right next to me on the side of the road.


Carl’s Oxford Diner
291 Main St
Oxford, MA

The Big Banana Car – I Saw It!

The Big Banana Car – I Saw It!

Scratch another one off of the bucket list!

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record when I ask you if you think things are meant to be or if you believe in luck or fate. But… sometimes circumstances just seem too perfect that calling it a coincidence just doesn’t seem like enough.

When you break down all the hours, minutes and seconds in people lives, the probability of putting random elements together is mind-boggling. One extra minute brushing your teeth, forgetting something in the house and going back inside for it, a u-turn on the street – it all changes the timing and outcome of every event that follows it.

On Saturday morning as I was exiting the highway in Pennsylvania, I pulled through the toll booth and out of the corner of my eye I saw an unmistakable yellow nubbin’ sticking up over the hedge of a motel parking lot. I knew right away what I was looking at. The banana car.

I zipped in the parking lot just as the banana driver was getting ready to leave. I parked, hopped off my motorcycle and said, “please, please, please, don’t pull away yet. I am so happy to see you!”

With that, he waited for me to get my phone out to snap a photo. While waiting he said, “wow, nice bike!” The only natural reply? “Thanks! Nice banana!”

And with that, the banana backed out and split. (sorry.) I was only sad that he didn’t peel out. (sorry again. I had to.)

What are the chances that I would run in to the banana car in Pennsylvania? It was almost as if it was meant to be. I can’t believe I got to see it without having to go search for it. The universe just served it up right to me.

I love it when that happens.



Road Tripping in Pennsylvania – Zippo Lighter Museum

Road Tripping in Pennsylvania – Zippo Lighter Museum

An unexpected stop at the Zippo Lighter Museum made my afternoon.

zippo case museum - zippo lighter museum building

After visiting the Kinzua Viaduct, I still had hours of daylight left and no particular place to go. Pulling up the list of “favorites” on my GPS showed that there was a Whispering Giant less than 100 miles away in Dunkirk, NY.

True to form, I asked myself the question that helps me make decisions often: When would I be back in the area again?

The answer is almost always the same: Maybe never. And so Dunkirk, NY became my next see something destination.

As luck would have it, my route to Dunkirk would take me past Bradford, Pa. – Home of the Zippo Case Museum. Yes, Zippo as in the lighter.

You might find yourself asking why on Earth I would want to visit a lighter museum. And I don’t blame you. (Or is that… flame… you? Ahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! Sorry.) On the surface it hardly seems like something that could hold your interest for 5 minutes.

American flag made from Zippo lighters
An American Flag fashioned from Zippo lighters:

As it turned out, seeing how the Zippo played a role in the lives of people and popular culture was unexpectedly interesting. Plus? This:

zippo lighter car at the zippo lighter museum in bradford, pa

Do you see it? Look at it. LOOK AT IT! The Zippo car alone is worth the stop.

zippo lighter car
zippo lighter streetlight
The Zippo street light

The attached gift shop, well, to be honest, it was more like the museum attached to the gift shop, makes about a bajillion lighters available. I ended up buying one with a picture of the Zippo car on it. That, a few postcards and a pen.

zippo car pen

When you tilt the pen the Zippo car drives down the street. It reminded me of those naked lady pens I giggled about as a kid. You know the ones – where you tip it and the bathing suit drops off? Ooh la la.

My detour to the Zippo Museum was unexpectedly worth the stop. I pulled out of the parking lot happy.

Visit the Zippo Lighter Museum

Zippo Case Museum
1932 Zippo Dr
Bradford, PA 16701

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Throwback Thursday: Be Still My Heart, It’s a Burgermobile

Throwback Thursday: Be Still My Heart, It’s a Burgermobile

Yeah, there’s a giant hamburgermobile filling up on pump one. No big whoop.

fuzzygalore hamburger car

Are you kidding me? My head almost exploded with the total greatness of serendipitously running into the hamburgermobile a few years back. Even my generally nonchalant honeybun, Kenny was impressed.

There are a few more pics of burgermobile greatness on the original post, in case you missed it.

Also – I can’t believe I used to ride that behemoth GS. Can’t say I miss it!

Sweet, Sweet, Wienermobile – Good To See You Again!

Sweet, Sweet, Wienermobile – Good To See You Again!

I keep tabs on the whereabouts of the Wienermobiles by following them on Twitter. It’s important stuff. Very important.

On Sunday morning while sipping my coffee I read that one of the Wienermobiles would be on Long Island. As soon as I heard Kenny stirring himself awake I bounded into the bedroom overflowing with excitement. I could hardly wait to tell him the greatest news in the history of forever.

“Babe? Are you ready to experience the GREATEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE?”


“The Weinermobile is on Long Island. Isn’t that great?”


He was so excited he couldn’t even make words.

When we pulled into the lot where the Wienermobile was parked I quickly clicked on the Sena bluetooth headset so that we could share the moment it came in to view together. As we rounded the corner…

“THERE IT IS! Look at that. Isn’t that just beautiful? Isn’t this just the GREATEST DAY of your LIFE?!”

“No. Not really.”

kenny and the winermobile

Look at Kenny, acting nonchalant about being parked behind the enormous weenie. Obviously, he was so overcome with emotion that he couldn’t really process the moment.

We parked and checked out the hot dog, got some stickers and whistles. I, very queenly-like, settled myself into one of the seats inside the ‘mobile to see what big time living felt like. For the record? It felt glorious.

ural and wienermobile

As we started to collect ourselves to head out, I spotted people taking photos of the Ural in its parking space. You know, because there was nothing at all giant, orange and interesting parked anywhere within 30 feet of it.

Between you and me, I think Kenny was impressed by totally loved the Wienermobile.

Exhibit A:

i saw it wienermobile sticker

That is not my Givi box. Just sayin’…