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Have You Visited Any of Keith Haring’s Public Sculptures?

Have You Visited Any of Keith Haring’s Public Sculptures?

Seeing Haring’s public sculptures is always a treat for me. They hold a special place in my heart and imagination. His oft-whimsical and colorful forms tap into a place in my imagination that feels child-like.

He perfected saying so much with so little, leaving your imagination to do the rest.

Haring’s Public Sculptures Visited

Untitled (Three Dancing Figures) – San Francisco

At the tail end of a bicycle trip in Mammoth, California – we spent some time in San Francisco, before flying back home to New York. With no plan to be there, we found ourselves wandering around the city, just taking things in.

While walking outside of the de Young Museum, we were treated to this happy Haring piece:

Keith Haring – Untitled (Three Dancing Figures) – 1989

Haring in New Hyde Park, NY

Keith Haring created this piece as well as some interior murals for the then-named Schneider’s Children’s Hospital in New Hyde Park, NY in 1987.

Today you’ll still be able to spot the sculpture it the courtyard of the newly-renamed Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York.

My Visitation Note

This photo was taken while doing a bit of a snap and go. Because I was on my motorcycle and look really tough (I don’t), I parked at the valet parking curb and walked over to take some photos.

Sometimes if I break the rules and do something like stick my teeny motorcycle somewhere it shouldn’t be – if I flip my helmet up, smile and act like everything is perfectly normal, no one says anything.

I’m not so sure I would have the same result in my car.

Google Maps Location

Haring on Astor Place, NYC

Haring’s Self Portrait at 51 Astor Place in NYC, sits in the shadow of IBM’s Watson. It also has a big Koon’s bunny as a neighbor.

Both the Koons and the Haring are controversial pieces with many on both sides of the love/hate divide.

Put me firmly in the love column. They’re both my kind of not-so-serious.

Keith Haring – Self Portrait – 1989

Google Maps Location

Hometown Haring – Kutztown, PA

On my way home from sleeping in a caboose, I stopped to visit Haring’s Figure Balancing On Dog at Kutztown Park in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

This piece pays tribute to the late artist in his hometown.

Visiting this one felt a little melancholy. This place where he began was a strange reminder that he is no longer here. What would his work have evolved into if he lived? Sadly, we’ll never know.

But, we can celebrate what is.

Keith Haring – Figure Balancing on Dog – 1989

Google Maps Location

My Take-Home Thoughts

These simple shapes can prove difficult to photograph, for me. If you catch them on certain angles, some of the figures all but disappear. Is that his way of making us walk around the piece? Or is he directing us to the “correct” viewing position? I wish I knew.

After years of reading about his life, viewing his work, walking by Pop Shop when it was still open in New York, it seems like he’s always been a part of my consciousness.

How is it you can miss someone you never knew?

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Happy National Donut Day – A Very Important Holiday

Happy National Donut Day – A Very Important Holiday

Though I’m cheating just a teensy-tinesy bit because I didn’t actually celebrate National Donut Day today, I do have a donuty post anyway.

While cruising around on the Bonnie last weekend I got to enjoy my first cider donut at a local farmstand.

Their cheerful little sign beckoned me to stop and sample their wares.

Their cakey dough-loops were delish. As a matter of fact, I wish I had one right now. I do love a good donut, you know.

If you too missed your chance to properly celebrate this wonderful day you can always make it up to yourself tomorrow. Every day is a good day for a donut. As the saying goes: Eat to ride, ride to eat.

Motorcycle Therapy: Blue Skies, Purple Irises And A Triumph Bonneville

Motorcycle Therapy: Blue Skies, Purple Irises And A Triumph Bonneville

On the weekends, my dog makes sure that I’m not late for work by licking my face at o’dark-thirty. Once satisfied that I’m up, she saunters back to her bed and lays down. She’s always got my back, that dog. Too bad I don’t work weekends.

Since being able to go back to sleep isn’t one of my super powers, I usually stumble down the hall, do some coffee voodoo and figure out what I’ll do with my day. I give thanks to the dog when up I’m early enough to take advantage of a day like this one:

The lesser seen side of Long Island, sans-hustle.

Seeing iris in bloom makes me smile. Every time.

Good morning, buffa-lumps.

Lichtenstein’s Tokyo Brushstroke I & II

Lichtenstein’s Tokyo Brushstroke I & II

A brush with greatness

What a wonderful surprise to see Roy Lichtenstein’s Tokyo Brushstroke sculptures outside of the Parish Art Museum.

While on my way home from Montauk, I passed the Parrish Art Museum in Watermill, New York. I didn’t go inside but I did stop to admire the Roy Lichtenstein pieces that are installed at the entry: Tokyo Brushstroke I & II.

He happens to be one of my favorite artists so seeing his monumental sculptural work was a treat.

roy lichtenstein tokyo brushstroke I & II - parrish art museum watermill new york

Aren’t they wonderful? They’re like three-dimensional cartoons. Their primary colors beautifully backdropped by the cloudless sky.

roy lichtenstein sculpture - parish art museum watermill new york
roy lichtenstein tokyo brushstroke II - parish art museum watermill new york
roy lichtenstein tokyo brushstroke I - parish art museum watermill new york

Something about this brushstroke makes me think about pop art bacon.

roy lichtenstein tokyo brushstroke II - parrish art museum watermill new york

Lichtenstein’s signature on the base of a sculpture:

roy lichtenstein sculpture signature- parish art museum watermill new york

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Non-Moto: Yarnbombed Trees at the Long Island Museum

Non-Moto: Yarnbombed Trees at the Long Island Museum

In Stony Brook, New York at the Long Island Museum there are a 5 gorgeous yarnbombed trees on the grounds. The colorful swirls on the tree coats combined with the spindly tree limbs make me think of a wild undersea creature – maybe a psychedelic octopus.

yarnbombed trees at long island museum

Without any know-how in the crochet department, when I got up close to the work I wasn’t able to understand how these yarnbombs even work. I thought there would be some obvious “seam” or something like that. But my untrained eye didn’t pick up on anything. That only adds to my amazement. They look like they were don’t with great care. As Spongebob would say – “a sweater with love in the stitches.”

Aren’t they awesome?


The Crocheted Tree Project
The Long Island Museum
1200 New York 25A
Stony Brook, NY 11790




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