Ural Patrol

Ural Patrol

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  1. Hi Ms. Fuzzy,
    I’m thinking about getting a Ural but not sure which model. What made you choose the Patrol? Or, was it just the cool orange color?

    1. Hi Julie 🙂

      The models all pretty much do “the same stuff” so it was really the color that sold me. It was so vibrant and in your face, i found it hard to resist. I must confess though, the Gear Up in Gobi camo was very tempting. I love that scheme.

      Which models are you trying to choose between?

  2. Hi! I like the Gear Up too because of the spotlight and I think it’s the model with the shovel…but orange is my favorite color and that counts for something. Still in the thinking about it stage. I’ll have to go for a test ride to see if I can even handle it. If I do go for it, it will probably have to be a used bike. Prices for the new models are a little steep. 🙂

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